Dress Code For Restaurants

I have to admit that since coming to Canada – I haven’t been too concern about the dress code when I go out for dinner or lunch.  Quite the difference as compared when I was working in Singapore – that’s for sure.  Well, in such a small town – and also because of PB’s nonchalant … [Read more…]

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone from Chloe!  but today Chloe has a special assignment – besides giving out cookies to her friends in school.   Halloween is a big thing for some people and to one couple – this Halloween will mark a really special day for them – because both of them met at a Halloween … [Read more…]

Ribs Anyone?

You’ve gotta love a restaurant that served such big portion of food for very reasonable price right – well – we love Peg’s because of this very reason.  The staff are friendly and the restaurant is very nice – with great ambiance and food is great too  – what else can you ask for right?  Anyhow … [Read more…]

Eating With Chopsticks

Thanks to Kai Mah for the chopsticks – Chloe is able to practice using her chopsticks.  I thought the chopsticks were from Auntie Alice but Chloe insisted that there were from Kai Mah Lina – so ladies please let us know – who sent us the lovely training chopsticks for Chloe. I’ve always encouraged Chloe … [Read more…]