Pies Galore

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Pies at the Farmer’s Market from Bread & Olive and for those who haven’t been there, you can give their pies a try.  They are really yummy and I had gone back to get more for my in-laws the following week.  But had forgotten to take more pictures of them.  I remember one had scotch eggs in it , so I will try and get more pictures for you all.  I loved the ham and cheese pie , very good for breakfast or lunch.  Prices ranged from $4 – 5.50 , very reasonable if you don’t want to have a sit down at the restaurant.  Try it out if you are in town.  You won’t regret it.

Halloween Donut

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Tim Hortons have a special donut for all season and all occasions, this one is the Halloween donut and I think they will stop making it once Halloween is over.  Chloe said it is pretty good and it is a little bit more expensive than the usual donut I think.  But who cares about the price if the donut is good right?  So Chloe have had this twice but she also likes the birthday donut as well and I can assure you if they are good and she likes it, it must mean that it’s ridiculously sweet.

Donut Galore

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I don’t eat donuts because I’m diabetic but it doesn’t mean that other people cannot enjoy it especially my in – laws and my kid.  PB didn’t eat any as well, I don’t know why he didn’t want any, I guess he likes his dad’s fudge a lot better.  But if you are in Canada and there is a Tim Hortons, you can have your fill of all kinds of donuts.  I don’t know if they are comparable to Krispy Kreme but they are definitely not bad at all.  For a dozen, one only needs to fork out less than $8.00 if I am not wrong.  But I do like my Tim’s coffee a lot and must have at least one a day.

Chloe loves the chocolate glazed donut or the double chocolate with sprinkles and there is the boston creme donut, maple donut , coconut creme, lemon and a lot more different flavor to choose from.  Unfortunately, for me they are all very, very sweet and I cannot eat them.  If I weren’t diabetic,  you will probably see me stuff my face with them.  Tim Hortons donut are good gifts to bring when visiting a friend or relative.

Thanksgiving Meal 2013

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I think I should have titled this Thanksgiving desserts – hahahha!!  but we had the usual turkey fair for Thanksgiving, so I thought I should show you the desserts we had for thanksgiving instead.  As you can see, we had a lot of desserts, so you can imagination the food we had for Thanksgiving.  From Turkey, to stuffing and veggies.

All cooked and baked by Aunt Helena !  we cannot thank her enough, she came back from Toronto just in time to cook us the Thanksgiving meal, else I have to do the cooking and I’m not good with turkey at all.

Plenty of desserts as you can see and several ice cream too.  We had an awesome meal.

Pumpkin pie anyone – made from scratch.

Baptism Cake

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A baptism cake for Jasmine.

Birthday Cake From Sobeys

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This was the other birthday cake that we’ve ordered for Chloe’s birthday celebration in school.  This one is from Sobey’s – a lot cheaper and they provided us with candles for free.  The cake was just as good, not as much frosting but who needs more frosting than this right.  So the next time, i will order from Sobeys instead.  But Chloe is a lucky girl, 2 birthday cakes for her birthday and 1 more home made by Aunt Helena.

Christmas Gift Exchange

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We were invited to a Christmas tea and a gift exchange amongst friends and the turned out was bigger than I had expected.  There were  lots of food as usual but most importantly, friends gathering and chatting and rekindling our friendship.  We also had a gift exchange and some gave out military coin  to our kids because their spouses’ are still in the army serving the country.  In this part of the world, serving your country whether here at home or in Afghanistan as a peace maker, it’s a highly respected profession, and most of us who received the military coin felt very grateful for these men who ware there to keep us safe.

Some of the food here are home made as you can see but they were absolutely delcious!

Lots of cupcakes for the tea party and if you want to knwo where it’s all pinkish – because we had a lot more ladies than men that day.

Yummy chocolate cupcakes for the children.

Home Made Birthday Cake

Posted by mamabok | Baking,Canadian,My Musing,The Other Half | Sunday 2 December 2012 12:09 pm

It is the spouse’s birthday today and I had totally forgotten about it.  Thanks to Facebook – hahahaha!!  which reminded me when i woke up.  Oh yes! i’m a bad wife ! what can I say – hahah!!  This year also marks the first that the spouse isn’t spending with his mother – my mother-in-law passed away suddenly this year and it’s the first of a lot of things with us.  Thank God for Aunts – for Aunt Helena baked him a cake and cooked a huge meal for him. To the people closest to me now – are these 3 – and I hope to spend more time with all of them.  For those of you – who have loved ones – make sure you make time for them.

Mama Jo’s Bakery Of Home Made Goodies

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Baking,Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Food Review,The Brat,The Other Half | Friday 1 June 2012 10:16 am

If you are ever in Yarmouth on Saturday, you have to drop in at the Farmer’s Market here – at Mama Jo’s bakery – you will find all sorts of home made goodies that even I – a diabetic cannot resist.  Mama Jo’s bakery actually helped us out because of their chocolate chip peanut butter cookie – for it was the cookie that Chloe and Grammie made together every Saturday.  Now that Grammie is gone – and no one to bake that cookie with her – Mama Jo’s bakery came to our rescue just when Chloe was missing her Grammie so much.  Now every Saturday, we head out to the Farmer’s Market if not for anything else – but the chocolate chip peanut butter cookies.

But of course, they have more than just chocolate chip peanut butter cookies that we liked.  They have all kinds of bread – that we called cake at home – I’ve tried the banana bread – and liked them – not too sweet – just the way I liked them but some more bananas would be awesome.

All kinds of home made cookies.

Marshmallow chocolate cubes that PB loved and buys them every week.

Biscuits and jellied cookies.

Cinnamon rolls and dates squares and a coconut dessert – all too yummy!  so you know where to get your desserts if you are in town.  Mama Jo’s bakery is always opened late – and the owner is always sweet and friendly – go chat him up the next time you are there.

Home Made Banana Bread From Farmer’s Market

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I love anything banana – to tell you the truth – but the banana bread I’m used to – usually have a good strong taste of banana – and the best ones were those that had banana slices on top of it.  Now those were super yummy.  I bought this from the Farmer’s market – and they were really sweet – not really a lot of banana taste – but nevertheless good.  I may even try and make some myself with banana slices on top soon.

Cake Party

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Yes, I had a cake party on my birthday – some home made like this lemon meringue by Aunt Helena – which by the way was yummilicious.


A very awesome carrot cake from George and John with real butter cream.


And this absolutely fabulous chocolate cake with chocolate glace – and easter chocolate eggs also made by Aunt Helena.


And a customary birthday cake bought at Sobeys by PB.   Now isn’t it awesome to have your birthday on the same day of Easter?  double celebration.   This year grammie didn’t bake me a cake like she used to – this is the first year in many years that I’ve not had a celebration without grammie.  It’s kinda sad to be honest and even though my birthday is usually quiet I kinda missed having her bring me the cake with lighted candles and Chloe all excited and wanted to blow the candles.  We all missed her.

Compliments Red Velvet Cupcakes

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I had gone to Sobeys to order a special cake for a special kid’s birthday and came across a new cupcake made by the brand compliments and since they do look a lot like Goodies cupcakes – I figured we should try it out.   At $1.15 a piece it wasn’t a bad price at all.


They had a few kind to choose from – the chocolate chip, vanilla, red velvet and a lemon flavored one.


Surprising, the cupcakes were pretty good – we tried the vanilla ones and the chocolate.


Everyone that we offered the cupcakes too – were impressed with how soft the cupcakes were.


So if you are craving for cupcakes – check out Sobeys for their home made Compliments brand.

Tim’s Donuts

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Like us Asians – the french people are very hospitable and they loved having friends over – and like us – they liked to bring something with them when they visit.  So when I visit any of PB’s relative I try to bring some donuts as well – plus the donuts are cheap if you buy them by the dozen and the varieties are a lot too to choose from.


The box is pretty as well – and so presentable – so if I wanted to thank the doctor’s or nurses or just about anyone – I can bring a box of tim’s donuts.  Everyone loves Tim’s donuts and coffee.

Baked Cheetos

Posted by mamabok | Baking,Food Review,Health,Junke Food,My Musing | Friday 13 January 2012 12:10 pm

baked cheetos

Like all diabetics – we are always hungry – and we are always looking for something to munch – something that wouldn’t make our blood sugar go crazy on us.  So when I saw these baked cheetos – I knew I had to try it – with only 1 gram of sugar and 100 calories, now that has got to be a winner right?  These cheetos are baked and not fried like the regular ones.  A box of 5 packs was like $3.50 or something around that price – and I tasted it – and liked it.  So there you have it – the winner snack and junk food of the week for diabetics.  Baked cheetos!  Diabetics around the world – should give this snack a try ! i know you all want to munch on something that you wouldn’t have to worry about your blood sugar.

Burnt Christmas Cookies

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We had bought some Christmas cookies to be baked at home on Christmas eve – but alas – as you can see here – it was left too long in the oven.   What a bummer!  PB and Chloe was disappointed because they were the ones who wanted the cookies.


They were so burnt they can’t even be saved!  guess our oven is hotter than we thought it was. While chloe was whining about it and PB ranting about the oven – what did mama do?  just ignored the burnt cookies and showed everyone to the tv room. muahahhah!  that’s what mummy’s are good for right?

Christmas Cookie Jar

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I’ve always wanted a cookie jar – but never bought them – because I didn’t really think they were practical.  But this year – I had to buy it because it’s one of the things I had been longing for in my kitchen.  I loved my very first Christmas cookie jar and I want to be able to bake lots of cookies with Chloe and her friends when they come visit.  The cookie jar was a wee bit expensive – but what the heck ! it’s Christmas!  and every home must have a cookie jar right?

Home Made Birthday Cake

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We always celebrate Chloe’s birthday early – to avoid the bad weather, so after that year – we always do it earlier – so the kid won’t be disappointed if her friends don’t show up due to bad weather.  But this year, we decided to let Grammie do the birthday party – afterall, she is the only grand daughter right?


So Chloe is turning 8 yrs old in another 10 days – we cannot be more proud of her – and yeas! grammie made the cake and we had bought her a toy – to make it look like a real birthday cake.


Chloe being silly for her birthday party – which consisted all her aunts and uncles – we didn’t invite any children because I just want her to be with family and loved.

Candy Cane CupCakes For Christmas

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Ti’s’ that time of the year again and loads of treats and baking goods like these cupcakes are on sale at the local supermarket/grocery stores.    They are all very sweet – luckily, I don’t like sweet stuff like these – else I would faint due to sugar overdose.  I don’t like buying stuff like that to eat – but PB – well he’s another story – he loveeeeesss his sweets alright!  Thank God – his blood sugar is good even after eating loads of them.  I try not to feed Chloe a lot of junk either – she gets to eat one of them but not more.  What about you ?  do you let your kids eat cupcakes everyday?

Christmas Goodies

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Yes! it’s that time of year again – Christmas presents and ginger bread making and cookies and other treats for Christmas.  Have you put up your Christmas decoration yet?  or are you waiting for the eve of Christmas?   We’ve already started shopping for Christmas presents already – especially those we need to send overseas.  I bought some black & mild cigars that my ex-boss likes online and will be mailing it directly to him by the end of the month.   I also ordered popcorn for my favorite advertisers for Christmas – and of course presents for my princess but I don’t know what to get for her teachers.  Should I get spa tickets or a ticket for lunch?   I wished they were as easy to buy for as my ex-boss – for Mr Hernandez – he loves his cigars every year – and no matter what kind of cigar – he enjoys them as much – I’m just lucky with him.   But yes!  Christmas goodies are all over the place – and this year they have GingerBread Tree – something different but definitely just as good.

Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls

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I don’t usually buy Sausage roll pastry even though i loved them – especially during cocktails or party – but I never really baked them at home – but since they were on sale at $6.99 at Sobeys – I decided to try a box of it.


The puff pastry looks like that before cooking – but don’t be deceived by its tiny looking pastry – because once baked at 20 – 25 mins – it is quite filling.


Depending on how hot your oven is – it varies from oven to oven – it can turned out really beautiful.  And 40 pieces will take a long time to finish – especially after eating like 5 pieces can really fill you up.  It taste awesome – but the sausage inside – don’t look so awesome – but who looks at the sausage right ?  unless you eat like I do – and eat the pastry first – hahah!  Anyhow – it’s worth buying and eating – and great for Christmas parties and housewarming – very easy to bake for sure.

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