Burger King Breakfast

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I called this back to school breakfast.  This was what I got PB to get me when we brought chloe back to school for a new year.  There was no line up  – Hallelujah! and don’t let my poor picture taking deceive you  because the croissant with cheese and bacon was pretty darn good. The croissant was light and fluffy , I think I’m gonna be having a lot of BK breakfast from now on.

Turkey Sausage Breakfast @ Tim Hortons

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I thought I should give the new breakfast turkey a try at Tim Hortons afterall, it looked so delicious and healthy.  Alas, I was not entirely into the taste, it was good but too much for me, I could only stomached half of the sandwich.   As you can see, it was a lot of food but I’m sure a lot of people would love it because it was a huge breakfast.  Lucky for me I didn’t order a hash brown with it.  But coffee as usual was definitely good and the girls excellent.

Brunch With Friends

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We had promised Jessica to bring her out for brunch for the longest time and even though she would be very happy with just Macdonald’s, we decided to bring her to The Snack Place – 2 blocks down the road from our store.  As you all know, we don’t have a lot of family here from my side, so Jessica is like a cousin from the East that Chloe never had.  The kids play well together and Jessica is the nicest lil’ kid we know and her parents are of course, awesome people and like some parents that we know around here.

Jessica ordered a cheeseburger with fries and a pop from the children’s menu.

Hyunjin’s fish and chips but she opted for salad instead.

Jessica enjoying her little pop.

Salad for Hyunjin.

My brunch is of course the all day breakfast but without the fries.

Fish and chips for Chloe from the Children’s menu.

Bonding time with her “cousin”

Girls having fun.

Jessica with dessert .

And chloe licking up the yummy goodness.  Good to see that Chloe has good friends to learn from.

Healthy Breakfast

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Been eating a lot out lately, so I decided that it’s time for something healthy – so oats, banana and raisin it is for this morning breakfast.  What about you all out there – what do you have for breakfast?  do you feel like  – terrible when you eat out so much or eat too much junk and you just feel you have to put something healthy into your body?  I do !!!!! I feel so terrible when I eat out so much – and I try to eat 1 healthy meal a day.  What about you all out there?

BLT Bagel From Tim’s

Posted by mamabok | Breakfast,Canadian,Food Review | Saturday 1 February 2014 5:30 pm

I normally have a bagel with light cream cheese and a small coffee for breakfast from Tim Hortons but since it was the first day of Chinese New Year, I decided I should try something different.  So  a BLT was what I ordered on an everything bagel.  The BLT bagel was obviously more expensive than a bagel with cream cheese but it was a pretty good BLT bagel and I would order it again, the next time.  Yums!  Gong Hei Fatt Choy everyone!

All Day Breakfast At The Snack Place

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I have been having a lot of brunch of late and that’s because I am up late in the morning and too early for lunch, so I order the all day breakfast most times and one of my favorite place is The Snack Place on Main Street.  Look at how much food there is at less than $8 with a cup of coffee.  Food was extremely yummy and a lot of food as you can see – I cannot finish them at all – but of course, normally a person would be able too but for someone’s first meal, it’s a lot for me.  Lots of seating space and friendly staff.

Breakfast @ The Grand

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I’ve lived in Yarmouth for 13 years and I’ve been to the Grand Hotel many times for exhibitions and for talks but had never been to the Grand’s restaurant.  And what a surprised I had when I was there for a breakfast with some out of town investors.  Yes, you heard right, out of town investors, but I’m not telling you who they are hahah!  but yes, the Grand have a team of awesome staff! and we had some egg benedict with Hollandse sauce.

I had the usual breakfast with eggs and bacon

extra ham and my other guest had pancakes which I had forgotten to take pictures of.

The Grand was quite quiet that morning and the place was dated but definitely cozy.

The other guests were quiet and we were able to have an hour breakfast – chatting away about business.  So the next time you need breakfast – check out the Grand Hotel on the first floor.  Love the food, love the atmosphere and more in love with the staff.   Breakfast starts from 7.30am – right up to 11am.

Networking Over Brunch

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Meeting up with my investment banker every 6 months is pretty much a routine thing now and I loved our meetings because he is so funny sometimes but so smart.  I sometimes pick his brains on other investment that I have back home in Singapore and he would extend his help and contact my citibank’s private banker.  Mostly during these kind of lunch, we also get to meet other people from the bank and I’m glad i have a  business card printer  at the store to print out all my cards so that I have enough to exchange with others just like myself.  I think we’ve formed quite an exclusive network here – and we pretty much exchange ideas and throw each other our experiences to ponder on.

Usually, we meet up in the city but this time, they’ve decided to come visit me and like any true Asian – I played host to a few people that I’ve been networking with for the last 12 years. Amazing how time flies – anyway, we had brunch on their last day in town and we headed to Jungle Jim’s for breakfast.  Loved the service at Jungle Jim’s and loved their food.

So cheap and really value for money.

I showed them how one of my g/fs had her eggs the other day – and we all did the same that day – just to see how it tasted like. hahah!  yes, we can be funny sometimes too – and it was not all about work during these meetings.


Breakfast At Cora’s

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Breakfast at Cora’s in Halifax rarely disappoints.  We went to the one located on Dresden Row next to Pete’s Frootique – you can’t missed it.  Cora served breakfast and lunch in this location only.  It was a late breakfast – about 11.30am actually when we arrived – we were on vacation – so no hurry. Chloe was with her favorite aunt.

I cannot remembered what this was called – but it certainly looked good.  This was Chloe’s aunt’s.

Chloe and PB shared a pancake – because this was only what she would eat.

PB’s breakfast – he’s easy to please.

And this was mine – I’m being very good – had lots of fruits and french toast – it was certainly yummy!

Chloe was all happy after breakfast – she had her energy back.

Cora’s kitchen

Business Brunch

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I love business brunches and the best brunches are the ones with your accountants and your insurance agents, they really feed you.  But of course, like the spouse said it’s better to have a good accountant and insurance agent than having a good meal – which is true – but the brunch is definitely a bonus right?  While my girlfriends loved their  job, I have to say that although ours may not be as established nor as professional as the ones in Raleigh – ours really saved us a lot of money when it comes to tax time.Anyhow, we recently had brunch with our accountant, and I was pleased that it was not all business but a lot of good information given to us for our next tax year and what we can do to save cost and also what we have to do – in order to get the best possible returns from the government.  See a good accountant is definitely valuable – but brunch was good and playing catch up was even better.

Breakfast With My Insurance Guy

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I love having breakfast with my insurance guy Real and since it was his birthday, we decided to get him a present since he insisted on buying me breakfast.  Knowing that he probably wouldn’t mind having a new briefcase since he carries one everywhere he goes, we went shopping a week ago for  mens briefcases  and yes, we did find one that I’m sure he would use often.   I don’t know about you but our insurance guy is like family to us, since he was there whenever we needed him and he is not just someone that fly by night, in fact, he actually took care of my in-law’s insurance and helped my father-in-law out big time when grammie passed away in February.  Anyhow, he loved his briefcase and we had a lovely breakfast at Jungle Jim’s  – and Jungle Jim’s does give good value for your money when it comes to your breakfast.

Special Bagel & Eggs @ Farmer’s Market

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This is long overdue for we had this awesome bagel, eggs and bacon at the Farmer’s Market quite a few weeks ago.   The Morley’s are from UK originally and they do make some really special food at the market every weekend.

I already had breakfast but I just couldn’t resist trying some bagel and eggs because they really looked so yummy.  Eggs and the grill – and bagel in the toaster.

Brendan is the one who makes all the bagel fresh before coming to the market.  He’s quite a shy chap and didn’t say too much to us.

Lots of yummy to choose from.

And of course the British flag and Arcadian flag.

Brandon putting the bagel and eggs together for Hyunjin and I – for we were going to share the bagel and eggs.

Some pepper.

And don’t forget the bacon too.

One half for Hyunjin.

And mine looked like this.  At $5 for a bagel – it’s definitely not cheap but it was really good – so it’s all good.

Breakfast @ McGinnis Landing Restaurant Moncton

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I know I’m more than a month late with some of the good food that we’ve eaten lately, but there is just so much that we’ve eaten of late – especially this summer.  But here it is – McGinnis Landing is situation in the hotel we stayed in during the cousin’s wedding in Moncton, the service was great, I feel that we didn’t tip them enough, the food was good – they had a good menu and of course the Sunday Brunch buffet is something they can brag about.  The whole family gathered there the morning after the wedding.  And these are my favorite people – Andrea, Troy and Aunt Renette.

Some more extended family, Guy, Simone, Lucy and Denise

The other Denise and Simone’s daughter.

My breakfast – of course, that wasn’t all i ate but the egg benedict was really good but a tat dry.

My breakfast from the day before, we arrived a day earlier to settle down.

Chloe’s breakfast from the day before too.

PB’s breakfast – to share with chloe.

Chloe’s waffle.

My favorite people in the entire world.

Aunt Carmen and Mario

All the aunts and Mario.

Aunt Mariette and her family.  We had a really good meal at Mcginnis Landing and I recommend it – we were so noisy, and they didn’t tell us to keep quiet and they were so good. The prices were fair too.

Breakfast @ Jungle Jims

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Normally, we don’t go out for breakfast because PB finds it troublesome to have to head back to use the washroom after breakfast for Chloe.  But a few Saturdays ago, my friends and I made an appointment to have breakfast at Jungle Jim’s because we wanted to make sure that we do something different.   Jungle Jim’s for a busy place on Saturday morning and there was only 1 waitress working – that morning.  I don’t know if it was the norm.

I had the big breakfast, while my friends had the omelet.

With extra bacon on the side.

I love the fluffy pancake from the kid’s menu with a sausage and potatoes – Chloe loved it.  We are going to be doing more breakfast from now on.

Flat Out Or Fold It

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One of my local advertisers asked if I wanted to check out the latest craze about this flat bread and to see if I like it – or found it easy to put together a meal or breakfast.   So I said sure – and sent PB to get a packet of Flat out or Fold it as it is called.  Most often seen in cafes and restaurants when you want an arty farty meal – you can now bring your own for work or for a picnic.  Easy to put a sandwich together – just tossed it into a toaster and it warms up pretty easy and good.  Then you can put whatever you want in between the flat bread, the flatbread comes in different flavor like this Rosemary and Olive oil ones – but I didn’t really taste any in my flat bread but it may be a good thing – because some people don’t like too strong of both rosemary or olive oil.    The flat bread is pretty cheap and you can find them in any of your leading supermarket – in Canada.  I loved that it’s low fat and only 110 calories – a great way to start your day with.

Home Made Jam For Easter

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Home made jam don’t need to be plain in the jar – you can pretty it up and make them look a lot more pleasing and appetizing.  A  little bit of dress up on the home made jam from Grampie –  made very pretty easter gifts for Chloe’s teacher the day before Easter.


This was how it looked after we did a little bit of dressing up on the plain looking jars.


Chloe did the decor – while i tied the flowery clothe and ribbon onto the cap.


A sticky to say who they are for – and viola !  you have jam as present and they become so meaningful.


A nice touch  – won’t you say.  And all of Chloe’s teachers loved the jam and decor.

English Breakfast

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For those who are not aware of this – I spent a few years in Scotland when I was finishing school and one of the best meals I had was the English breakfast.  But as a poor student – one cannot eat out too often right – so I cooked my own breakfast at the dorm most times.   So even now – once in a while I would eat the kind of breakfast I had when I was in Scotland whenever I think of the time I spent there.

But of course, when I started working in the hotel industry – I had a lot more chances to eat the real English breakfast cooked by real chef in the hotel.  But I think i ate the most english breakfast while I was traveling with my bosses and engineers during the last few years in Asia before coming to Canada.  Every single meal was in a hotel – while I was traveling – and I loved my boss – and engineers because they would always make sure we eat well.  I’m not a very good cook – but I definitely loved to eat.  Many years ago – I thought that I would missed Western food if I were to stay in Asia – little did I know that I am craving for Singapore food more than I can imagine.  Life does bring lots of surprises eh.  And once again – this breakfast was cooked like in early July – I cannot afford to eat so richly – if you know what i mean.

FlatBread @ Subway

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So we went to Subway for breakfast the other day – and saw something new to try out – of course I didn’t bring my camera with me – since I didn’t think that there was anything new that I hadn’t taken a picture of.  But like any food blogger – how can I resist taking a picture of food that I’ve tried, tasted – and new for the people who visits my blog right?  Thank God for my blackberry curve 8520 – I never leave home with it.   Not only does it work as a phone, it has a GPS built into it and  also lets me take pictures with it – for it has a  built-in 2MP digital camera with 5x digital zoom.  So my blackberry curve saved the day!


The flatbread breakfast combo is but $3 and it comes with coffee!   I had black forest ham with mine.  You can have bacon with yours or a sunrise melt – which I will try the next time.  So how was it?  pretty good and darn filling! and healthy too!  no more MacDonald breakfast – Subway here i come.

Anna’s Homestyle Breakfast & Lunch

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Anna’s Grill or Homestyle Breakfast & Lunch was just round the corner where we were staying – the Delta Barrington – located at the corner of Duke and Hollis – you can missed this place even though it is a small cafe.   We’ve passed by this cafe twice and decided that it was time to stop in for breakfast as their prices were definitely reasonable.


Very simple, fresh and clean dress up for the cafe – you feel very nice about this place.


You can get your own coffee from the corner – coffee was pretty good.


I ordered a bagel with cream cheese – because I already had bacon and eggs the day before at Cora’s.  The bagel came toasted and it had lots of cream cheese in it – not bad at all.  But I wasn’t given a choice of what bagel I wanted – I’m wondering if they only had one type now.  But I was then too hungry – I just wanted food.


PB & Chloe had some pancakes of course – they don’t eat anything different.  Chloe had some orange juice and PB had water – while I had some coffee with my breakfast.


This was Chloe’s pancake.


Chloe pouring her own syrup now and don’t need us to do it for her – big girl.


And a fruit platter for all of us – what is breakfast without some fruits eh. anna9

They do have an extensive menu as you can see for lunch and breakfast – wished I had more days in Halifax – that way I can try out more things – never mind – the next trip eh.


This was our very happy and charming host, we definitely enjoyed our breakfast and recommend it to anyone heading to Halifax.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

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This year’s Mother’s Day must be one of my best – because this little girl who warms my heart everyday and who is the JOY of my life – woke me up not only with kisses but several Mother’s Day gift and agreed to have breakfast at Jungle Jim’s with me instead of Mcdonald’s.   I’m sure everyone of you celebrated Mother’s day in your own special way – and this year – all of us are healthy – Chloe is growing like a bad weed and she is doing well in school.  She has her grandparents and uncle who loves her and spends time with  her – a lot more this year and of course PB loves her to bits even though he grouch at her often enough.


We went to jungle jim’s for breakfast – I had wanted to go to Peg’s but Chloe wanted Mcdonald’s so we came to a compromise and bought a hash brown from Old Mcdonald’s (that’s what chloe calls Mickey D)  and then settled in at Jungle Jim’s for breakfast.  Of course, I didn’t finished all of the above lah – hahhahaha!!!  i had forgotten they were huge breakfast – ate a piece of toast, some eggs, a piece of sausage and shared the bacon with chloe and PB.


Chloe and PB shared a fluffy pancake with syrup – she ate almost all of it.  A year ago – she refused to eat any pancakes – now – she is able to wolf it down – makes me so happy.


And here chloe drawing a space ship.  I had a great Mother’s Day this year and I hope all of you did.   And being a mother is the greatest JOY I’ve ever experienced – and I know all mothers out there can understand what I am saying.   And here I wish all mothers around the world – many, many more Happy Mother’s Day.

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