My Awesome Lunch

Sorry about the picture, I used my phone for this picture so that I can post them up easily on Facebook but as you can see, it is not good for my food blog.   And I have been having problems with my blog lately therefore , I couldn’t update it .  But PB is … [Read more…]

A Fruitful Day

Fall is here and what do someone who loves food do ?  go apple picking of course.  So we headed out to Wallace Brothers after going to our beach cottage to check on the painting of the inside of the cottage.  As usual, Andy and Phyllis are the best host , they made us feel … [Read more…]

My $20 Pizza

Thus far my most expensive pizza in Canada I think – but don’t quote me , I could be wrong because I haven’t had pizza for a long time now.   I’ve always eaten pizza from Boston Pizza and haven’t had Greco’s for the longest time , but the day I did it was because the … [Read more…]