Honey Garlic Ribs For Lunch

Yes! honey garlic ribs for lunch from the New Century restaurant.  I know you rarely see me eat something that sweet – but I can’t resist it !  so I order the today’s lunch for that day – with loads of vegies as you can see – and rice (my favorite) of course.  So how … [Read more…]

The New Lotus Garden

So everyone asked me – have I tried eating at the new restaurant – but actually it isn’t a new restaurant, just new owners.  I think the Wongs are from PEI – but don’t quote me ok – it’s just what I’ve heard.  Anyhow, I decided to check out the new owners and their food … [Read more…]


Asparagus are not as expensive as they are back home.  My daughter’s godmother from Singapore was cooking some with baby abalones the other day and showed me how expensive they were.  I think we paid like $4.99 a bunch !  unfortunately, no one eats asparagus at our home, my mother in law used to cook … [Read more…]

SzeChuan Special #29 Vermicelli Singapore Style (Hot)

So today I’ve decided to order SzeChuan Special #29 Vermicelli Singapore Style (Hot) – now why they called this Singapore noodles I don’t know because truth be told, Singapore don’t have this kinda noodles.  How do I know?  I’m from Singapore !!!!!  hahahahha!!! but go to any Canadian Chinese restaurant or any restaurant in the … [Read more…]

Mid-Autumn Festival In Nova Scotia

We don’t really celebrate mid-autumn festival in Nova Scotia because there isn’t much people in my town that is Chinese and knows the meaning of Mid-Autumn festival and playing with lanterns and eating mooncakes.  But that did not prevent me from getting some mooncake from a famous Hong Kong brand – with the help of … [Read more…]