Designer Gourmet Gifts @ Sandy’s Gifts

If you are a food blogger and loved food as much as I do, you will know that Sandy’s Gifts Store is a gourmet/chef’s paradise .  In this store, I found some really cool gifts over Christmas for my friends and family.  Everything priced reasonably and wrapped and gift bagged personally by owners of the store – … [Read more…]

Growing Herbs

Inspired by a friend’s backyard and her growing her own herbs – I’ve decided to landscape my lawn and grow my own herbs as well in my garden.  So I’ve contacted several landscaper and contractors and gotten some quotes for landscaping my lawn in late April – early May.  I’m quite excited about it and … [Read more…]

All About Mushrooms

I love mushrooms.. just about any kind. Whether they are the chinese mushrooms or the mini bella .. or the shitake .. i love them all. Canadian grown mushrooms are grown all year round. Plus mushrooms are a quick and easy way to make any food more flavorful and memorable. So how does one clean … [Read more…]

No More Tears Cooking

I betcha we have this in Asia… but this was only introduced here.. a few months ago. I haven’t bought any yet.. because i love using garlic and ginger with my cooking. As for the garlic.. i used the chopped up already ones… that i can buy bottled for $1.99 here. I tried crushing my … [Read more…]