Hauling Food From City

We were up in the city a few weeks ago, to haul some food home with some friends and this is but one of the many boxes that we hauled home.  So PB said maybe he should look at some  flatbed trailers  , so that the next time we need to haul food home from the city, we don’t need to bring another car with us.   Plus a flatbed trailer is great when we need to move furniture from home to the cottage, it would definitely be a great investment for us.

But coming back to all the food we hauled back from the city.  Some friends laughed and joked about opening a Asian grocery store here but there isn’t enough Asians in this area for me to do that.  Therefore, every couple of months, you see us going to Halifax and bringing all kinds of ingredient and paste home, even the noodles that I am used to back home, we can’t find them locally.  I bought luncheon meat, noodles, paste, drinks from home and candies from home and anything I cannot find here even soya sauce.  So yes, having a trailer may definitely work better for us instead of making the g/f  bring her SUV with us.

Designer Gourmet Gifts @ Sandy’s Gifts

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If you are a food blogger and loved food as much as I do, you will know that Sandy’s Gifts Store is a gourmet/chef’s paradise .  In this store, I found some really cool gifts over Christmas for my friends and family.  Everything priced reasonably and wrapped and gift bagged personally by owners of the store – Sandy & Ken.

Everytime I walked into this store, everything in the store is eye candy to me.  They are all so pretty and so beautifully stacked and everything so meticulously cleaned.  The warmth of this store speaks volume, you really feel welcome, as if you coming home to visit.

Sandy Gifts store has gifts for every occasion and any occasion.

My favorites are kitchen gadgets and you cannot go wrong with these gifts.

For the corn lover like my daughter – Chloe, she would love to have this.

For a guy or boy – no problem – Sandy has them in boy’s color as well.

More kitchen gadget to make your food look pretty.

Yummy hot chocolate for Christmas/winter  – with a bunch of marshmallows.

More treats for your loved ones – and don’t forget the variety of tea and specialty coffee at Sandy’s Gift store on Main Street, downtown Yarmouth, they may have moved but not far away from their original store.  Friendly service and unique gifts – try Sandy’s.

Philadelphia Cooking Creme

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The philadelphia cooking creme is a new product in the market – I chance upon it recently at the local grocery store and decided to give it a try – afterall, cooking should be easy and fun and these cooking creme comes really handy to give your food the extra flavor.  I tried the tomato basil because I wanted to play it safe – with my fajitas and they were really yummy!

I’m going to be trying out other flavors as well – and let you know what I think of them.  In the meantime, you may want to pick up a tub or two and try them out yourself and let me know what you think of them.

For those who are making lasagne for just one person – you can try using the tomato basil on them as well – they do add the extra flavoring I needed for my lasagne for one.

Growing Herbs


Inspired by a friend’s backyard and her growing her own herbs – I’ve decided to landscape my lawn and grow my own herbs as well in my garden.  So I’ve contacted several landscaper and contractors and gotten some quotes for landscaping my lawn in late April – early May.  I’m quite excited about it and even though it will cost us a few pennies – I think it’s worth it because I’ve always wanted to entertain in our backyard in the summer.  Having said that – we are also now looking at lawn gnomes to pretty up my lawn in front of our home – putting gutters on our roof – so that we can also have a small garden in front of our house.  Like I said I’m pretty excited – so if you don’t see me eating out so often – you know what I’m busy doing.

Gifts From The Heart

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Every year during this time of the year – we try to find something meaningful to give to Chloe’s teachers – whether they are a teacher’s assistant – or the school secretary – as long as this person makes an impact in Chloe’s life – I would try to thank them during Chrsitmas.  This year – I also have to remember to thank the janitors.


So I decided to get them these – they come from the local Farmer’s market and I’ve tried it myself all summer – a bottle of apple salsa and some home made BBQ sauce for her teachers in school.  But the janitors are getting chocolates this year.  What other suggestions do you have for me – for gifts for Chloe’s teachers?

Home Grown Garlic

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Our customers are very kind to us – they always gives us things.  One long time customer gave us this garlic grown from his garden – after PB fixed his computer – the other day.  He told me it was grown with all the good stuff – seaweed and everything organic.  Just after Christmas – Dr M’s wife – gave me a loaf of home made bread – now isn’t she sweet.   I haven’t eaten the garlic yet but like Chloe’s grampie said – i cooked a lot with it – so you know I will be using it soon – maybe with my Bak Kut Teh soon.

Prima Taste Char Kway Teow

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Condiments/Ingredients,Cooking,Food From Home | Wednesday 11 March 2009 4:23 pm

I really missed char kway teow from home.  I’ve been trying to buy them online.. but haven’t been lucky so far.  I’ve also tried to get the “ang moh’s” cousin in Brampton to lookout for it for me.. but still no luck.  It has been 9 yrs since i last ate char kway teow.  I’ve had Prima Taste Laksa, mee siam and also chicken rice before… and all due to the kindness of various bloggers.. i’ve met online.

So here’s what i am asking help from.  If anyone can find the above.. and mail it to me.. i’ll be glad to reimburse you thru’ paypal .. for food and postage.  I don’t need a lot just one or two packs for now.  Please leave comment/s and let me know eh.  Many thanks.. but definitely no obligations.

For the benefit of those who donch know what Char Kway Teow looks like, here it is.  With See hum it’s the best thing on earth.. and lots of lard please. I’ll even give up all my white gold rings for a plate of CKT.

Home Made Tartar Sauce

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Home made tartar sauce are easy to make and if you are as fussy as i am .. or have special needs.. like i do, you make your own.  Afterall, one can’t eat fish and chips at home.. without my home made tartar sauce with a little sambal oelek or siracha chilli sauce.. mauahahhaha!!

Here’s my recipe :

Finely chop 3 gherkin pickles and transfer to a small bowl.  Add 75ml low fat mayo, 75ml of low fat plain yogurt, 2 tbsp of chopped cilantro or parsley with 7ml of Dijon mustard.  Whisk to combine.  If you are like me.. and like it spicy .. i add some sambal oelek to it.

Sweetness In The Salt Episode 4

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Sweetness in the salt..??  hehehe!! how does one find sweetness in the salt i hear you asking.  Well.. it’s not a dish.. but it’s something we use everyday.  But don’t be fool.. because it’s the new tvb show I’m watching.. and it’s all about salt merchant.  Check out my entertainment blog for the next episode.

All About Mushrooms

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I love mushrooms.. just about any kind. Whether they are the chinese mushrooms or the mini bella .. or the shitake .. i love them all. Canadian grown mushrooms are grown all year round. Plus mushrooms are a quick and easy way to make any food more flavorful and memorable.

So how does one clean the mushrooms..??? that actually was my problem.. and i didn’t wanna appear stupid.. so i never really did learn from the expert.

The occasional particles on a mushroom’s surface are bits of peat moss.. used in growing; they are not harmful at all.. and can be easily brushed away. To clean, trim bottom of stem if necessary and gently wipe with a damp cloth, paper towl or soft brush.

Now if you wanna wash your mushroom, place them in a colander and rinse quickly with cold water. Don’t let them soak too long as they will absorb water quickly and be more likely to brown, and become less flavorful and release excess moisture when cooking. Pat them dry immediately.

No More Tears Cooking

Posted by mamabok | Condiments/Ingredients | Friday 25 January 2008 6:58 am


I betcha we have this in Asia… but this was only introduced here.. a few months ago. I haven’t bought any yet.. because i love using garlic and ginger with my cooking. As for the garlic.. i used the chopped up already ones… that i can buy bottled for $1.99 here. I tried crushing my own garlic.. but it wasn’t worth the effort… so store bought and chopped it is from then on. If you hate cutting onions like i do.. you may wanna consider this.. not cheap.. but sure saves you alot of problem. If only they would do this with shallot.. it would be perfect. I love shallot.. and need it to cook my beehoon.

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