Fruits ! my ever favorite – if you asked me to choose between a fruit and a piece of chocolate – I’ll take the fruit instead.  And if there were pineapples – well – definitely the fruit then.  Even before knowing that I had diabetes – I’ve always loved my fruits and craved for fruits.   … [Read more…]

100 Calories Coke

The other day I was telling all of you – i was so ashamed of myself  – do you remember..?? Yup ! i bought this coke because they were small than regular cans – and more expensive because i didn’t wanna waste just drinking a sip of it or two.  But even though it said … [Read more…]

A Diabetic Snack

Who said diabetics cannot have Macdonalds…??? did you know that it is ok.. to eat an apple pie..  but not too much pecan pie..??  Pecan Pie has more sugar in them. .than apple pie.. and that’s the reason for it.   When we were on vacation, I had to make do with a lot of things.. … [Read more…]

Muesli & Yogurt

So i’ve been eating healthy.. not because of my weight .. but because of my blood sugar level sky-rocketing way high .. beyond even my imagine.   But truly .. i donch mind the healthy stuff..  but for those who have eaten yogurt .. i’m sure.. that you know .. by the end of the tub.. … [Read more…]

Good Food In Canada

Donch get me wrong.. there are good food in Canada.. as you can see on John Chow’s blog.. but just not where i am in Nova Scotia.. unfortunately.  The nearest Asian grocery store is 4 hours by car.  Yes.. you can take a 45mins flight at $150 one way… but that would be too expensive … [Read more…]

Diabetes Friendly Dessert

Being a diabetic is no fun.  One feels like you cannot eat anything.. and for dessert.. you probably is like me..  “forget it” .. when it comes to dessert right..?? Well.. here is a cool.. and creamy plus fruity dessert that is diabetes friendly. 2 cups of Frozen Strawberries, thawed 3/4 cup thawed cool whip … [Read more…]