Lunch With My Insurance Agent

I just came back to work from lunch with my insurance agent and like  don allred insurance  I found them online since our local insurance folks do not have the kind of insurance I’m looking for.   Back home, insurance agents actively look for their clients, while here, it’s quite different.  You have to actively look … [Read more…]

Adult Chocolate Milk

Mmmm… adult chocolate milk!  now no excuse not to drink your milk eh?  hahhaha!!  these were found in a liquor store and to be exact the NSLC next to Superstore, therefore there must be some alcohol content in them.  But I don’t really think there is much alcohol if I am not wrong. So who … [Read more…]

Business Lunch With Attorney

There are many places in town where you can bring someone for a business lunch, just like when I had lunch with some powerful  San Diego Employment Attorney  last week.   If you’ve worked for a company in the States, you would know how important it is to know some powerful attorney because you want them … [Read more…]

Liquid Water Enhancer

Came across these liquid water enhancer at our local supermarket and since the shape of the carrier was so unique, I stopped to check it out.  These liquid water enhancers are actually bottles of different flavor to flavor your water to make it more interesting and drinkable.  0 calories and no sugar in them – … [Read more…]

250 Commemorative Rum

So we had the  250 Commemorative Rum delivered to the store sometime last month and yes ! i’m such a slacker.  We had bought a bottle of it in support of the town’s 250 yrs anniversary for Grampie and we’ve delivered it to him.  He hasn’t opened it yet – because he thought it was … [Read more…]

Pure Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice anyone?  not the ones with sugar at it – but pure – that you need to dilute it in water to drink.  We all know that a cup of cranberry juice is good for the body because they said it can prevent UTI.  I have been drinking this cranberry juice for years now … [Read more…]

Honey Citron Tea

Guess what I bought home from my trip to the city last week ?  Yes! this Korean drink that I had wanted for a long, long time!  I saw it – and had to grab it but alas – I should have bought 2 and not one – they were so yummy!!! but i can … [Read more…]

Grass Jelly Drink

When we were up in the city  – I saw this canned drink of Grass Jelly aka Ching Chou – I’m sure the Asians know what it is – but of course – PB didn’t know.  I haven’t had the grass jelly drink for 11 years to – date – holy moly right? While it’s … [Read more…]

Diet Pepsi Lime

Since you all know that I’m diabetic – you should also know that I’m in constant search for the right kinda food and drinks that I can drink and eat.  So when I saw this at the bowling alley on the weekend – I cannot helped but take a picture of it to show you … [Read more…]

Ipoh Tea

I don’t drink the regular tea here in Canada – i usually ask for Owl’s 3-in-1 tea – but you see the Asian grocery store isn’t here in Yarmouth but in Halifax and they were outta it – so Mr R – was so kind and went over to Bedford side to get some for … [Read more…]