Lunch With My Insurance Agent

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I just came back to work from lunch with my insurance agent and like  don allred insurance  I found them online since our local insurance folks do not have the kind of insurance I’m looking for.   Back home, insurance agents actively look for their clients, while here, it’s quite different.  You have to actively look for them if you want your car, home or contents to be insured.  Health insurance are the same here, you have to choose your own agency and even when you sign up with them, they rarely keep in touch with you like they do at home.

The insurance agency that I’m currently with right now brings me out for lunch every time he is in town and even buys me a bottle of my favorite wine.  Premiums are good and I can be sure that he is the first to be there for me if I needed him.  I love all the tips and savings that I’ve learned from my current agent and am really happy that I’ve found a reliable agent for all my insurance need.

Business Lunch With Attorney

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There are many places in town where you can bring someone for a business lunch, just like when I had lunch with some powerful  San Diego Employment Attorney  last week.   If you’ve worked for a company in the States, you would know how important it is to know some powerful attorney because you want them to be there to help you out if you have trouble with your employers.

Of course, I didn’t need to use an attorney when my employers were from USA but it was good to know that I can count of these folks to help me out should I have any problems with my contract or pay or even if I was being treated unfairly being an Asian.  But like I said, I was pretty happy with the company that I had worked for many years ago.

250 Commemorative Rum

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So we had the  250 Commemorative Rum delivered to the store sometime last month and yes ! i’m such a slacker.  We had bought a bottle of it in support of the town’s 250 yrs anniversary for Grampie and we’ve delivered it to him.  He hasn’t opened it yet – because he thought it was too expensive to drink – hahahha!!  yes! this bottle of rum is more expensive than the usual rum that he would have gotten – but it was a nice gesture to get it for Grampie since he had been buying so many books for Chloe.  I’m glad we bought the first batch of rum that were sold – because they are only producing 250 bottles and they were selling so well – that they needed to use a barcode scanner when they first came out for sale.  Everyone was rushing to buy the rum and I’ve yet to go get the commemorative coins from the bank – I hear those are selling like hot cakes too.


A closed up on the bottle of rum that we had paid $70 for – i think but it’s worth it as we are supporting the town in our own little way.

Wine Tasting

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Guess who is invited for wine tasting????  and a Masquerade wine tasting at that?  nah !  I’m not going with PB – hahah!  it’s one of my food sponsors – that got wind of the wine tasting in our small town and asked me if i was interested in going.  So I said sure – I’m always game as you all know – so you can all be sure – that I will be giving you a full report on the wine tasting happening at the end of October! woohoo!! now I have to go shopping as it is a black tie event.  I wonder if my sponsor is going to pay for my dress as well heheh!  I’m so excited – I haven’t gone for wine tasting in years!

Wine For Christmas

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Every year we buy quite a few bottles of wine for our customers/friends of the store and this year we did the same too.   So last week  – on Sunday while doing some shopping we headed off  to get some wine from the liquor store.  Got some fruity wine – i prefer sweet ones – so i got sweet ones for my customers/friends – they weren’t so expensive except for the bottle of vodka.  I think wine is a good gift – not only for Christmas but for most occasions – you can’t really go wrong with a bottle of wine eh.  What about you ..?? what kinda wine do you like..??  i do have a list .. but some weren’t available here.  And donch forget to buy recyclable bags for your bottles of wine – we bought as many as the bottles of wine we bought.

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