Japanese Food With Karaoke

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We went to the Japanese restaurant in Little Brook again but this time, Karaoke was on our mind.  If  you didn’t know by now, the Japanese restaurant has a Karaoke room.  Who doesn’t like singing around this area right?  especially us Asians.  I was told that I can get a good entertainment set here, so  Mail your order today!  if you love singing a lot and want your home to have some entertainment.


It was a very busy night at the restaurant even though we weren’t expecting it to be that busy.  Jessica had some spicy miso soup to start with and I had the ordinary kind of miso soup.


Lots of seaweeds and tofu , unlike some Japanese restaurant that can be quite stingy when it comes to tofu and seaweed.


I ordered some mixed tempura and my g/f ordered a traditional little brook roll and I ordered something else as you can see here.

026 (1)


The mixed tempura only had one shrimp, so it wasn’t enough for all of us of course, we had 2 adults and 2 kids with us.


Some soft shell crab for appetizer , and it was yums !


And my g/f ordered another type of roll but this one was really spicy.  Luckily for us, we were going for Karaoke, so we waited to eat it a little later with our Karaoke session.  For those who loved singing , check out the Japanese restaurant at little brook.

Scary Halloween Haunted Houses

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Yes, we are turning our summer cottage into a Halloween Haunted House for friends and family and the spouse bought the oldest electronic instrument to provide all the scary sounds one can imagine for a haunted house.  Now I didn’t think that it was going to be that scary, till I saw what the machine could do.  It was very scary music alright!  Of course, as soon as we had the try out with the other parents, they want  More  of these scary sound effect to scare the kids and adults.  A friend who is a make up artist has agreed to help with the make up and I know that the kids are going to enjoy it very much.  Some may cry and some may not go to sleep after they have seen our haunted house at our summer cottage but the neighbors at the cottage are also coming together to help us with the haunted house and one even is loaning us their pony for rides for the kids.  It is going to be a blast!

PS  :  There will be hot apple cider and lots of cookies for the kids.

Music At Farmer’s Market

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Besides food and all those fresh ingredients at the Farmer’s Market , one can enjoy great music from different local musicians hired by the Farmer’s market every weekend.  The farmer’s market is the place to be during the weekend, it’s vibrant , it smells good, you get good wholesome food from individual vendors and of course the music like I mentioned earlier.  From guitar playing,  korg synth  and many different variety of music as well as instruments showcased during the weekend, one can spend hours at the Farmer’s market, if we didn’t have a store to open.


Children and adults all enjoy our local Farmer’s market tremendously and you not only get fresh locally grown vegetables but also organic meat as well as handmade things.


I come for the food mostly and am game to try any new kind of food or any interesting kinds.  Buy a present for your kid’s teachers or visit the Oyster farm for some fresh oysters.  I would love some too but I suck at shucking them but one day, I’m going to get them to shuck those little suckers out for me to bring home to fry up some Korean pancakes.   So folks, the Farmer’s market in Yarmouth, is opened all season, be sure not to miss the awesome food and wonderful music every weekend.

Tri – County Multi Cultural Fest

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Well, the Tri – County MultiCultural Festivities is this weekend and already there is loads of buzz about one of the most successful events in town for the last few years.  Not only are there lots of food to try from different countries but also lots of dancing and music for entertainment for the entire weekend.

I read that there are lots of performances to be expected here  and lots of guest appearances by some really entertainers.  There will be belly dancing as well and a showcase of many different cultural activities performed by immigrants from all over the world.

I am of course looking forward to the food from Shanty Cafe especially, since they posted on facebook about the yummy goodies they will have from Friday onwards.  As I am writing this, I’m drooling – so be sure to be there to enjoy the food and the music and all the exciting entertainment.


Photo Credit  : The Shanty Cafe

Weddings In The Spring Time

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Last year during spring time, PB & I attended a spring wedding of an old college friend.  And soon they are celebrating their first anniversary together and the birth of a new born baby as well.   The wedding was in North Carolina and  this website  was where they went for all their wedding music and entertainment.   The wedding was lovely, the music was great, the food was fantastic, everything just went so perfectly well.

We were invited again this year, to come visit them when the baby is born and since North Carolina’s weather is way better than ours here during Spring time, we might just leave for a week to visit them and take a break.   The old friend of ours has a huge cottage in NC and we can make use of the cottage while we are there.  But we are still contemplating if we can make it this Spring, maybe late Spring would be a better idea.   Spring weddings are lovely but Spring babies brings so much joy to everyone.

Rocking Music @ Local Restaurant

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We had a birthday celebration to attend last week and a local restaurant had hosted the event for us.  We were very impressed with everything and the  subwoofer at musicians friend  that they had bought.   I’ve always loved good music at a restaurant when we are entertaining and this local restaurant definitely went beyond and above their call of duty to help us make the birthday of a young man really special.   Food was great a well of course and the prices were decent and most importantly we all had a good time.

Dinner & Live Music

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Dinner and live music at our local restaurant is a must to go when you have friends visiting from away.  I did attend one that had  violins at musicians friend  but this singer and songwriter is what we planned to do with some friends from Australia.  I don’t know about other people but I’ve always loved live music and performances when I’m eating on a special occasion, I find it so entertaining and romantic.  Now does one tip the performer/s?  I’ve always wondered, I guess if you had a violin player playing right in front of your table, it’s a must to tip him/her but if the singer is performing – what does one do?  I have to check with the restaurant owners and see what is the common practice here.  Have you been to a live performance?  do you like them?  i love being serenaded while one is eating what about you?

Business Lunch With Attorney

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There are many places in town where you can bring someone for a business lunch, just like when I had lunch with some powerful  San Diego Employment Attorney  last week.   If you’ve worked for a company in the States, you would know how important it is to know some powerful attorney because you want them to be there to help you out if you have trouble with your employers.

Of course, I didn’t need to use an attorney when my employers were from USA but it was good to know that I can count of these folks to help me out should I have any problems with my contract or pay or even if I was being treated unfairly being an Asian.  But like I said, I was pretty happy with the company that I had worked for many years ago.

Entertaining Kids In Restaurants

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As a mom, we usually have to bring our kids out with us if we want to meet up for lunch or supper with our other friends, therefore, it would be awesome if the family restaurants around here has tvs mounted on the wall with  premier mounting  and has cartoon channels on them instead of news or sports.  It would make sense for family restaurants to have areas set aside for families with children to have some sort of entertainment, so that the adults can have a proper meal and play catch up right?   I see in UK – where some of my friends are permanently, they have special cafes like that for kids and moms – and I would love to see something like this in this town.

Every chance I get to go eat – is with my kid and my g/fs kids – as moms we just loved bringing our kids along but sometimes, it would really be nice, to be able to chat and the kids are being entertained.  This is Kai from Petawawa – and we only get to see him maybe twice a year – isn’t he too cute or what!

Food is always good at Jungle Jims of course, we have no problems with the food and service excellent as well and our favorite waitress was there working – so excellent ! Lynette had the festive meal – this was some sort of BBQ chicken bites.

Curly fries and chicken fingers from the Safari Kid’s menu for Chloe.

Fettuccine for Ms Jasmine from the kid’s menu.

Burger for Josh – i think this is a BBQ Bacon Cheddar – for $10.99.

A steak for Lynette – that comes with her festive meal.

I had the breakfast menu – but shared my sausages with my g/fs.

Extra crispy bacon.

Jumbo Shrimp Stir Fry

Huijing got some mexican thingie I think.

And this chicken burger  for Kim.

Yummy! lots of food and lots of drinks !  now if only we can entertain the kids with some mounted tv in the restaurant – it would have been perfect – don’t you think?

Designer Gourmet Gifts @ Sandy’s Gifts

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If you are a food blogger and loved food as much as I do, you will know that Sandy’s Gifts Store is a gourmet/chef’s paradise .  In this store, I found some really cool gifts over Christmas for my friends and family.  Everything priced reasonably and wrapped and gift bagged personally by owners of the store – Sandy & Ken.

Everytime I walked into this store, everything in the store is eye candy to me.  They are all so pretty and so beautifully stacked and everything so meticulously cleaned.  The warmth of this store speaks volume, you really feel welcome, as if you coming home to visit.

Sandy Gifts store has gifts for every occasion and any occasion.

My favorites are kitchen gadgets and you cannot go wrong with these gifts.

For the corn lover like my daughter – Chloe, she would love to have this.

For a guy or boy – no problem – Sandy has them in boy’s color as well.

More kitchen gadget to make your food look pretty.

Yummy hot chocolate for Christmas/winter  – with a bunch of marshmallows.

More treats for your loved ones – and don’t forget the variety of tea and specialty coffee at Sandy’s Gift store on Main Street, downtown Yarmouth, they may have moved but not far away from their original store.  Friendly service and unique gifts – try Sandy’s.

Party In Style

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We were invited to a Christmas party by a business acquaintance and it was not in town – but in the city.  We didn’t have any trouble getting there but I wished they had arranged for transport for us because we were not very familiar with that part of the city.  Anyhow, we made our own arrangements for transportation and even though it’s not quite like the  limo service tampa fl  , it was still pretty good.  I was all dressed up – for the party and didn’t want to be waiting for a cab – no way!  I wanted to party in style – the hotel rooms were paid for and so was the short air-flight that we took – but I don’t understand why they didn’t arrange for a limo for us – that baffles me really. After the party, there was no cab available to take us back to the hotel and once again, I wished a limo service was arranged, the next time we go for this kind of party, I’m going to make sure we have a limo service to and fro the party.

Food For The Church

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Thank God for  truck seat covers  else these food that we had carried to the church would have gone all over the car and would be really hard to clean – hahah!  we were invited to a church gathering and because of the rain, we had to pick up the food from various people who couldn’t make it.  Since we have a truck, we decided to do a good deed for the day but little did I know that some of the food didn’t come with covers, so some food did spill of course, but thank god for seat covers, else it would have been really messy!  We delivered the food on time and I managed to get the seat covers cleaned out in a jiffy and PB didn’t look too mad after the cleaning.

A Movie With Lunch

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After a short vacation, nothing beats coming home to some comfort food that we are familiar with –  so the first day back – I got some beef and brocolli and fried rice for lunch.  I pushed the  tv rack  to the back office and had my lunch there while watching a good movie.   Ahhhhh…! bliss !  nothing like home – home sweet home and for those who are like me who cannot do without watching a show while you eat – you are not alone. So how was the food – yummy! not too much and not too little  – just right and the price – even better.  $6.95 + tax – ask for the daily special at Lotus Garden.

Planning A Play Date

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Planning a play date for Chloe and her friends was a fun one for me – not only because I get to buy all sorts of food to introduce to them – I also get to plan all kinds of games for them to play with.  Of course, I had help from my good old friend Mabel and her brain teaser puzzles  and we were all set to entertain a few of Chloe’s friends from school and church.

We bought some cheese calzone from the Old World Bakery down on Main Street and the kids loved them – and wanted more.  Full of real cheese in them and some tomato paste making the calzone so yummilicious .  This makes a meal by itself but since we had other food for the kids to eat – we cut them into bite sizes.

We also bought some Baklava for everyone – and this turkish dessert was a delight to all the kids – it was really and had peanuts in them – lucky for me I checked to make sure that no one was allergic to peanuts.

We had cookies from the Farmer’s market.

Actually a variety of cookies but of course, we let them play on their own as well with dolls and watch a movie.  The play date went super well – and all the kids went home happy and fed with junk.

Green Food Radio Show

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I was invited recently by a top green food radio show in United States to talk about my blog thru’  audio conferencing with them about food blogging and all about blogging and making money thru’ blogging.   The fans of this green food radio show wanted to know as a food blogger how can one make our passion turn into money.   I was very honored of course but since everyone listening in must loved food and good food, they of course qualify to be a food blogger and as to how to turn your food passion into money, well, that’s even easier.  Like the green food radio show, I too have a following too and the more people read your blog, the more money you will make.  Traffic is the key to all blogs and if you have something they like and want to know about you, well, half the better is already won.  As for the rest, everything will fall into its place.  Our audio conferencing with other food bloggers around the globe was an interesting one, hopefully, they invite me again – the next time they want more tips about making money with food blogs.

Housewarming Gifts

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We were at a housewarming party last night of a family friend and yes, it was a smashing party – there were so many interesting people who had attended the housewarming and the housewarming gifts were  aplenty.   I’m sure you are wondering what we had gotten the proud home owners – Abbie and Alex for a gift and I have to tell you that we have a hard time picking the right gift all the time.  We didn’t want to buy any gift, we wanted to buy a gift that they would appreciate and use often and as a food blogger, I had thought of getting them a Kyocera set of ceramic utility knives but you know us Asians we don’t like to give knives for a present because it’s bad luck – so the superstition goes.   So we decided on a full length wall mirror instead – and that was a pretty genius idea right?  who doesn’t need a full length wall mirror – in fact I would like one in each of my rooms if possible.  So yes, if you are ever start with buying a housewarming gift – instead of a bottle of wine or hard liquor – try a full length wall mirror, I know i would appreciate it.

An e-book You Must Buy!

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Entertainment,Friendship,My Musing | Friday 6 April 2012 1:45 pm

Many times in our life – we go thru’ many ups and downs and sometimes we don’t have anyone to talk with or to share with because some things are too personal. Sure we loved our family and our family must loved us – but sometimes how to share some really intimate things right? very malu (embarrassing) and what if they don’t understand you and think that you are some trouble-maker or treat you differently after you share it with them? Yes! yes! i understand it all – and you might thing you are the only one – but my dear blogging friend – Kopi Soh -who has a Masters in Psychology can tell you that you are not the only one. She also specializes in marriage, family and child counseling and her e-book which cover many aspect of our lives in different stages of our life – may help you understand what you are going thru’ currently. This e-book is not fictional – it’s about real life cases – and if you are a Crazy Chinese Woman or Ice Cube Junkie Fan – you get a real special deal – so don’t say I don’t share, share ok! Follow the birdie – and get this ebook for a small price of $9.90 while others are paying as much as $27 – don’t miss out on this offer now and no – I’m not getting any commission – or earning any money outta it – just thought you shouldn’t miss out on this great ebook.  Those who’ve followed my blog for years – will know that I only recommend the good stuff – so hurry !  buy “Oh, I thought I was the only one” NOW!

Christmas Parties


We’ve been invited to several Christmas parties this year and Chloe and PB baked some sugar cookies to bring to our hosts – we thought it would be a nice gesture since most of our friends have everything and insist that we don’t bring anything except ourselves.  We had to turn down some parties because we were afraid that the weather may not permit us to travel to and fro for the parties – plus in previous years we’ve seen many accidents on the highway – even when the snow wasn’t so bad – it’s the ice on the road that causes these accidents.   Of course,  medical help would be there when the need arises but why court trouble when you don’t have to right – so we only attend parties right in town and the time has to be right too – because of Chloe’s food – she is a fussy eater.

PB always insist that he is a careful driver – and I always remind him that it’s not him I’m worried about on the road – it’s those that are drinking during their parties or those who’ve ate too much – and falling asleep on the road.  You can never be too careful – so this Christmas season – for those who drink – don’t drive and if the weather is bad – don’t go out – because you may be a cautious driver – but the person riding down the highway – may not be – or the road conditions just may not be the best.  Be safe this Christmas and always have an emergency kit with you in the car and a number to call for Medical Emergency Assistance.

Halloween Candies

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Halloween is but a few weeks away  – are you ready for Halloween?  I think we are quite ready – this year – we have our store all dressed up and we even bought a special candy bowl for Halloween.  What so special about it?  watch the video below and you will see.   I’m thinking of wearing a  sexy red wig on Halloween day – when the kids come and get their candies at the store.  What do you think?  after all – not many Asian have red hair right ?  Chloe is gonna be a witch this year.   I think I will be a witch mama with red hair.

I’ve already tricked a few customers today – and not only the children but the big people too – hehehehe!! cheeky eh.


We didn’t really dress the window a lot – because Chloe doesn’t like it to be too spooky.


But we do have a freaky skeleton in the window.


And more skeleton heads at the front counter – I think I might get some pumpkins from Chloe’s grampie and decorate those with Chloe and put them at the entrance.

Shopping & Eating With Friends


I love to go shopping with my girlfriends from Canada – but eating with those from home – now that is pretty awesome too – especially when they bring you presents like personal picture frames from the states and eat sashimi with you.  Speaking of which – I’ll have to remember to collect my California rolls from the Farmer’s market tomorrow – I ordered them last week.  Anyhow, I had friends from home who’ve migrated to United States who came to visit this week – so I was extra busy with showing them around and eating with them.


We went to the Farmer’s market and bought some bread pudding.


And we checked out the Halloween decorations at our local grocery stores.


And we drove them to the airport – to send them off and had some good Japanese food.


And yummy, yummy sashimi!


And yummy grilled and raw squids. It was but a short visit – but we had a great time and it was like only last week that we had left each other – and we just picked right up where we left.  Some friends are just passing thru’ while others stay around for a long time.  Thank you for visiting me even though your schedules were so tight.   Now I can’t wait for Fiona and Karen (my other long time friends from work) to come visit me next year.

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