Food Shows

I don’t know about other food bloggers.. but I for one loved all my food show.. from Iron Chef to Japan Hour and anything that comes with food reviews, I just can’t get enough of it.  The man actually tries his very best to make my stay in Canada bearable.. by getting chinese shows.. and … [Read more…]

Herbal Chicken With Condiments

I had made herbal chicken a few weeks ago.. but without the condiments.. so this time.. i got a little bit more adventurous.. and put in some chinese mushrooms, wolfberries and wood fungus. Very easy to prepare.. the pre-mix were sent to me by a good blogger friend.. Barbara from Malaysia. Thank you .. Barb.. … [Read more…]


These were the Haddocks my in-laws cooked for me .. during my birthday.. and i donch know how she does it.. but the fish didn’t stink or smell fishy at all. So maybe, my MIL had a secret eh..?  And Haddock seems to be a favorite fish here too.  I should ask my MIL to … [Read more…]

Maple Syrup Sausages

Breakfast anyone..??? these maple syrup sausages.. are the best sausages i’ve had in my entire life. Locally made.. by in store giant…Sobeys.. it’s pretty expensive but definitely worth buying. I like my sausages fully cooked .. what about you ..??

Nova Scotia Scallops

Plump and Juicy .. were how these scallops tasted. The mother-in-law had made this last weekend just for me. And I ate all of it.. muahahhahaa!! I asked my father-in-law why the ones i buy ain’t so nice.. he had said.. this were Nova Scotia Scallops.. different from the ones i bought.  My mother-in-law also … [Read more…]


I had to tell you all a funny story. When i first came across biscotti .. i didn’t know that you had to dung it into your coffee or tea.. to soften it .. then you eat it. Yes.. you can imagine.. how silly i looked.. when trying to chew it.. and what my friends … [Read more…]

Jungle Jims

The man and I went to get some lunch from Jungle Jims today.. and since it wasn’t lunch time or dinner time, we were there at 4pm.. you would think that there shouldn’t be alot of ppl but how wrong were we. There were quite a few tables… and of course food was slow. I … [Read more…]