Lunch With My Insurance Agent

I just came back to work from lunch with my insurance agent and like  don allred insurance  I found them online since our local insurance folks do not have the kind of insurance I’m looking for.   Back home, insurance agents actively look for their clients, while here, it’s quite different.  You have to actively look … [Read more…]

Kinder Eggs Hunting

I’m kinder eggs hunting for my g/f from Malaysia, she is looking for the Spiderman Surprise Eggs Marvel Kinder Bugs Bunny, Angry Birds, Marvel, The Avengers & Captain America.  So we’ve been looking everywhere for them in hope that we will find them before easter and mail it to her. As you can see the … [Read more…]

I Was Sick !

I was so sick ! it was unbelievable !!  I haven’t’ been this ill for a long, long time, lucky for me my g/f cooked me some special chicken soup and although I can’t taste it, I was touched. Lots of veggies and chicken in the chicken soup.  Gotta love good friends.

Bread & Olive Cafe

Marking days are great days for spending time with Chloe and my girlfriends – and on days like these – I’m missing my girlfriend and her daughter – Layla who’ve left for Ottawa.  I wanted to get some stuff  for PB but wanted to check out the stores locally to see if I can get … [Read more…]