Pink Frying Pan

So i finally gave in and retired my old breakfast frying pan that I had been using for quite a while now.  The reason for retiring it was because a piece of the coating was gone – so to be safe and not get food poison or anything – i went hunting for a new … [Read more…]

Sugar Bowl

Sad to say, we don’t own a sugar bowl.  Why..??  because we rarely use sugar in our food or drinks.  A packet of sugar weighing 2kg can last us for 3 years or even more.  For my cooking, i use very little sugar and baking i am not very good at it, so we usually … [Read more…]

Lil’ Fridge

Good things must share ma.. right..??  donch say .. i didn’t share with you.  Too cute right..?? just right for our babysitter – Keegan .. moving away for college this fall.  But she likes the pink one better.  I’ll find a picture for you .. in abit.  For now.. i’ll have to run .. get … [Read more…]

Mesh Organizer For Sauces

Wow..!! this is exactly what i need to organise my sauces, oil, pepper, salt and anything else i need for cooking. The tray that I am using are small little trays..and they looked horrid. AT 7.99.. i definitely can afford it. This 3-Tier Mesh Cabinet Organizer maximizes the storage potential of your countertops, cabinets and … [Read more…]


I need one.. because I used to love steam fish.. with ginger.. and fried onion bits. But the ones I have currently.. makes the fish all watery.. because of the condensation. Anyone can help me out and tell me.. what can i do .. from letting excess water go into the food.. ?? besides covering … [Read more…]

Crazy For Corelle

Told yer.. i’m crazy about Corelle. If I can.. i would buy different sets every season.. and every year. Everytime i go to the mall.. i’ll pop in to see . .if they have anything new.. or on sale. Sometimes.. if you are looking out.. you can get them at really good prices. Are you … [Read more…]

My Perfect Peanut Butter Jar

My in-laws are very practical people and even with them being so practical.. i know that they can appreciate this Peanut Butter Jar. It’s a perfect one.. with 2 lids instead of 1 only. That way you never have to leave any behind nor get your fingers messy just to get the last drop of … [Read more…]

Apartment Therapy Kitchen Bag

I normally do not buy bags that are expensive .. especially my grocery bag because I can get them at 0.99 cents from Pete’s Frootique and they area awesome looking. But aside from being an eco friendly shopper who loves toting re-usable bags, I’ll have to say that this $15 will be well spent because … [Read more…]

Staub – Mussel Pot

Actually saw this on another blogger’s blog today.. and can’t helped but thought to myself.. this is a wonderful pot to have and owned. This is a winner of the 2003 Gourmet Cookware Award, Staub Mussel Pots are models of service and preparation. A stainless steel strainer separates the mussels from the sauce, making flavorful … [Read more…]

Corelle Pretty Pink

Tell me that’s not pretty..!!! Oh .. i so love Corelle..!! This lovely pink flower softens the sleek square shape creating a totally fresh, timeless look. For anyone who love food.. i’m sure you know how important it is to have pretty and stylish serving dishes. This coordinates is at $8.99 each, affordable.. must buy. … [Read more…]

Kiss The Cow Apron

Awesome looking apron for the man eh..?? I love it..!! i think i am gonna get one for the man.. since this year.. we are gonna do some BBQing.. muahahha!!!

Jewel Ice Tray

Awesome ice cubes eh..?? will surely drive the man crazy..! Make plain ice, or fruit juice cube for your favourite colored ice. Adding them to any drinks will definitely make the guests feel fun and unique. Comes packaged in clear plastic boxes and only at $9.50 each. A steal .. and for those bringing the … [Read more…]