Anniversary Promotion At My Favorite Restaurant

My favorite restaurant is having an anniversary soon and for their anniversary promotion they are having some wild tuna this week.  You and I know that wild tuna doesn’t come by so easily these day so, I’m so happy , I’m going to be planning a trip to the city to taste these wild tuna … [Read more…]

Growing Herbs

Inspired by a friend’s backyard and her growing her own herbs – I’ve decided to landscape my lawn and grow my own herbs as well in my garden.  So I’ve contacted several landscaper and contractors and gotten some quotes for landscaping my lawn in late April – early May.  I’m quite excited about it and … [Read more…]

Dress Code For Restaurants

I have to admit that since coming to Canada – I haven’t been too concern about the dress code when I go out for dinner or lunch.  Quite the difference as compared when I was working in Singapore – that’s for sure.  Well, in such a small town – and also because of PB’s nonchalant … [Read more…]