Healthy Eating With Yoga

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Summer is here and I’ve put on some weight from not exercising a lot.  I make excuses in the winter – telling myself that it’s too cold to do anything but there is no excuse just to do yoga right?  So this summer I’m going to be doing yoga and getting some  yoga gear for women  was easy.  I’ve ordered my yoga pants, yoga mat and even got a kid’s yoga kit for my Chloe.

Yoga is good for a lot of things in our life, not only does it help with our health, it is actually quite therapeutic.  I find it so calming to practice yoga, these days – I don’t feel so stress.  I hope by practicing yoga 3 times a week, I will eventually stop taking my panic medication because I’ve heard good results from people like myself who are on meds.  One can definitely look forward to a healthier year.

Easter Supper And Easter Presents

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Easter has always been a family thing for us – but we focus more on the kids than ourselves but this year with my girlfriend around, she bought gifts not only for Chloe but for Aunt Helena and Grampie as well.  She is too sweet – but she found some  patagonia down sweater sale  and knows that the weather here can stay cold for a while longer, so she had to get it for them and of course chocolates for everyone.  Aunt Helena cooked this year since Grammie isn’t around with us this year, it’s at times like that that we missed her most.  No one talked about it but I’m sure they feel the same way as us.  Aunt Helena made a potato and egg salad just like what Grammie used to make for me, I almost cried.

We had lemon meringue and a chocolate cake for dessert with ice cream as well.  Cantaloupe were very good too – sweet.

BBQ Pork ribs were really good as well.

Asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots for veggies.

Rappie pie and mashed potatoes.

Baked Hawaiian ham.


And a game of pictionary to end the evening.  We had a really good time and lots to eat.

A Day For Celebration

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A year ago today, my brother-in-law decided that he had to stop drinking and get his life back together.   He drank all thru’ Christmas till New Year’s day and he knew that he had to get help.  Unfortunately, in our small town, we don’t have  alcohol treatment facilities  and when he went to the hospital to seek for help, the doctor told him that he didn’t have a spare bed to help him.  How tragic was that?  This town really needs a good alcohol treatment facility – not many – I’m just asking for one.  Can you imagine asking for help and being turned away.

Anyhow, fast forward a year later, my brother-in-law haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since and he is now driving again after 10 years.   Yes! 10 years!  We are all very proud of him but wished that he had an easier time when he needed help and that the rehab center in the hospital would be more sympathetic to people like him instead of turning him away.

Tomorrow, we celebrate his milestone – but it’s sad that my mother-in-law who passed away a month after he quit drinking isn’t here to share this happy moment.  Olivette, here’s to you ! both Richard and Chris are good boys ! you can rest in peace now.

Fruits For Next Week

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Since we can’t go to the apple farm this week because of the rain, we decided to get some oranges and banana for Chloe’s class.  We have been doing this weekly sine school opened because we believed that fruits is the best treats for the children.  Her teachers don’t mind us sending fruits but as for candies, they don’t encouraged it and I’m grateful for that.  I know the children loved that we send fruits every week for them and they seems to enjoy the treat and I’m happy that we are able to do that.

Plum Time For Chloe & Her Class

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Health,My Musing,Shopping,The Brat | Wednesday 12 September 2012 10:33 am

When Grammie passed away, Chloe’s classmate sighed and told her – “no more apples and plums from now on?”  it was really cute – kids eh!  so we made sure that this year even without Grammie, we brought Chloe to the apple farm at Wallace Brothers in Port Maitland and bought 2 huge bags of apples and 2 boxes of plums for Chloe and her classmates.   The school and teachers welcome all kind of healthy stuff for the kids and I loved getting it for them.

Andy the owner of Wallace Apple Farm told me that they missed Grammie everyday and every minute – my heart just felt like crying and of course Chloe went home crying for her grammie that night.  Oh my!  so sad !  For those who are not aware of this – Chloe’s Grammie – Olivette passed away in February this year – suddenly – due to liver cancer.  By the time she diagnosed nothing can be done, she left within 2.5 weeks.

The apple farm is one of Chloe’s connection and memories of the times she went there with her Grammie – Grammie was really a hard worker, she would never miss a day at the Apple Farm and was always ready to go help when the Apple Farm needed her.  Many a times before Grammie passed away, I would tell her to spend more time with Chloe first thru’ PB but she didn’t.  I’m guessing it’s because she never knew she was going to be gone so soon.  For those out there, make sure you spend time with your loved ones and don’t let a moment slip by regretting not spending enough time with them.

On Rainy Days

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On rainy days when you can do much, my friends and I would meet up for a bowl of hot creamy corn chowder downtown and then go find the  best sunless tanning spray  and fake our tan.  Afterall, it is the summer and one needs to get a tan right?  My friends and I are crazy about self tanning and if we really get get enough sun to get a good tan, we use the best sunless tanning spray and do it at home on our own – it’s pretty easy, let me tell you.  But yes, a bowl of soup is great on rainy days but if they had a beef soup or even a mushroom soup, that would be just as great.  Rainy days are for soup and tanning, so who said one can get a good tan when it rains right.

A Tea Party

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The Children’s parade was last week and they had a tea party with the Mayor for the opening ceremony for seafest 2012.  It was a very hot day and the traffic wasn’t controlled properly and I felt so bad for the kids who had to wait in the hot sun for the traffic to clear before they can start the parade.  Chloe was in the parade as well and i had taken the walk with her from the Tourist promotion board to Frost park and a good thing I had on my  genutrain  because my knees would have given out if I didn’t.  After the parade, there were some cakes and pizza for the kids but Chloe didn’t have any because there were just not enough to go around – and they headed back to the camp.  What a bummer! the kids went back so hungry – Chloe complained.  I think i have to inform the organizers for next year – those kids definitely needed a cold drink and something to eat – it wasn’t right at all that every year – the kids don’t really get anything to eat and drink on such hot days.  I’m definitely not impressed with some people.

Food For The Sick

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We’ve all been sick – down with something – the entire week – so soup it is for us – and today I had Tim’s beef and noodles – it was ok – nothing to shout about.  I would have preferred Gary Kent’s soup to be honest – but it wasn’t a Saturday – so not much I can do but to take what’s best next.  We have been cooking a lot of noodles soup and thank God for good friends like Lynette who had brought some fishballs back from Halifax for us – so we’ve been eating noodles with fishballs a lot too.

Home Made Meatball With Spaghetti

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A few weeks ago at the local Farmer’s market – I decided to get some lean ground beef locally.  I haven’t tried these kind of mince beef before but I heard they were way better because the cows were properly cared for and given proper feeding.


King Limousine Farm was where the beef came from and they came frozen.  And since I wanted to make meatball spaghetti for the longest time, I decided to buy 1 Ib of the minced beef.


So after talking and reading up some recipes for meatballs with spaghetti, I decided to try some.  First I baked the meatballs and then after cooking the sauce, I put the meatballs into the spaghetti sauce to simmer.


The meatballs looked yummy but were a bit dry – PB said it could be because they were lean minced beef – the next time I’ll try the regular minced meat and then make the meatballs again.


This one was for chloe to bring to school for lunch.   She did eat some of the meatballs but not all – and I don’t blame her – I’m going to try again making the perfect meatballs.

Food For A Sick Child

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Just came back from seeing the people with medical uniforms – and yes, Chloe is down with the sniffles AGAIN!  she just got well – not too, too long ago and she is at it again.  So we brought her to the pediatrician – just to make sure it is not an allergy and it’s a cold.  So home we came and she said she was hungry – so I quickly whipped up a bowl of rice stick noodles with veggies and mushrooms instead of ordering food from the Chinese restaurant since we don’t know how busy they can get.  And Chloe had everything except the veggies of course – and she announced that I was the best cook in town – muahhaha!!!  what a cute kid I have.  But yes, from now on – I will always cook for her when she is sick instead of getting food from outside out of convenience because sometimes, it isn’t as convenient afterall.

Chef Gary Kent @ Simply For Life

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,FoodBuzz,Friendship,Health | Wednesday 7 March 2012 4:29 pm


A month or so ago, local well-known Chef – Gary Kent had brought some food over from Simply for Life for me to test – and as we all know that Simply for Life is all about getting healthy and being healthy.  I would have loved to taste the food – but alas, they were about to expire on the same day.  So instead I got Gary our friend to try it out instead.


And the verdict – pretty good.  As you can see here – the portion is good for someone trying to lose weight, yet not sacrificing and having the do not eat stigma.  i loved veggies and that would have worked good for me.  And if you asked me why I don’t take food that are about to expire – I have a very sensitive stomach because of my bowel obstruction some 4 years ago, so I need to eat properly – and even if they were frozen – I have to eat them as soon as I buy them – else my tummy just wouldn’t give up.  I’ve tried going to Simply for Life to get some fresh food – but my timing was not right – apparently they do closed on one weekday – and I’ve yet to go back again – I’m going to try again next week and would be able to give a proper review after that.   Stay tuned.

Dial For Food

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For those who are not aware of this – my mother-in-law is in the hospital and she had been there for 15 days today.  At first she could eat and in fact eat better than she did when she was home.  The hospital had the dial for food arrangement for her – and they provided her with a menu and all and she was pretty happy about it – because she said the food wasn’t bad at all.   She was on the surgery floor and they had all sorts of equipment from computer cabinet to sanitizer just about everywhere on the floor.

But a week went by and she asked for subway instead – which we did get for her as soon as she wanted to eat but this week, she couldn’t even eat jello at all.  Yes, her condition had worsen within days – she could hardly walk and cannot find it comfortable enough to get rested.   The hospital had been good to her – and they do try to make her feel as comfy as possible and for that I’m grateful.  In Canada, the hospital is not as frightening as the ones back home – maybe the ones back home are so huge – and one might get lost in the hospital – here in Canada or rather in Yarmouth – the atmosphere is quite different – quite warm – quite pleasant – and not cold.

PS :  My MIL doesn’t have much time with us anymore – so it’s a great comfort to know that she is currently in good hands.

Food For Thoughts On Migraine

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I had a really bad migraine this morning after breakfast – and normally it doesn’t bother me very much but once in a while my head hurts so much I wished I knew what causes the migraine.  Back home in Asia my mom would have insisted that I visit the good old neigbborhood medical hall to pick up some ginseng or various different kind of health food to help with my migraine.  Unfortunately, we don’t have medical hall here in the West.  My girlfriend who moved to Texas and married someone there talked about Lubbock migraine center – a specialist there – and we’ve discussed my migraine attacks in great length.  I don’t think mine is a chronic migraine, it just comes when it wants to come and even a tylenol with extra strength doesn’t help very much these days.  I’m just glad that it doesn’t happen everyday else I would be handicapped by it.

I know there are extensive studies on migraine and medical procedures one can take to help with chronic migraine and migraine treatments for children.  I can’t imagine any child having to suffer with the pain of migraine can caused and if Chloe ever had the same migraine as I – I would spare no cost to bring her to the best migraine center or treatment.  But for now, I’ll just have to rely on health food for my migraine like the good old fashion way that my mom had insisted on.  How do you treat migraine pain?  Do you have a specialist you see?  any recommendations?  any health food or soup you care to share?

Using Your Oven Efficiently

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I loved to use the oven to bake my food – from fish to garlic bread but you and I know that heating the oven up and then baking something for 10 -20mins is really a lot of electricity used.  So I try to use the steamer instead more often – because the charges for our electric bills during the winter are very expensive.  Unlike a friend who lives in NJ – they have nj electricity that promises savings for those signed up with them.   Here, we don’t have a competitive rate – therefore, I have no choice but to use my oven efficiently.

So you asked how do I do that?  well, if I wanted to use the oven that evening – I make sure that it’s not just one thing that I am going to bake.  I will bake my chicken wings or cookies or whatever I need for the next few days  – so that I don’t have to turn on my oven for just a 12 mins baking of a fish and then shut it right off.  These days, you really have to save as much as you can – when it’s over the roof when it comes to electric bills.  So like all others, we always asked ourselves – to keep the family warm or eat?  I say keeping warm is very important – wished we had a competitor here for Scotia Powers.

Baked Cheetos

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baked cheetos

Like all diabetics – we are always hungry – and we are always looking for something to munch – something that wouldn’t make our blood sugar go crazy on us.  So when I saw these baked cheetos – I knew I had to try it – with only 1 gram of sugar and 100 calories, now that has got to be a winner right?  These cheetos are baked and not fried like the regular ones.  A box of 5 packs was like $3.50 or something around that price – and I tasted it – and liked it.  So there you have it – the winner snack and junk food of the week for diabetics.  Baked cheetos!  Diabetics around the world – should give this snack a try ! i know you all want to munch on something that you wouldn’t have to worry about your blood sugar.

Hidden Sugar In Your Food

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Diabetic,Food Review,Health | Wednesday 11 January 2012 2:45 pm


As a diabetic it’s quite a feat to eat out and even if we found something that we liked – it’s important to know how much sugar is in your food.  I loved this dish very much – it’s with chicken meat and a little rice – and I loved the thai sweet and spicy chilli sauce – so guess what I did – I went out to M & M’ meat shop to get some.  But hold it!  I found out that 2 tablespoons of this yummilicious thai chilli has 16 grams of sugar.  Now that’s not good at all – and even though I don’t eat a lot of the sweet chilli sauce – still 2 tablespoon is very easy to dip and finish.  So diabetics out there – if you are having side sauce like I do when I eat out – make sure you check out the sugar in them.  Luckily for me – I found out – so the next time I eat my chicken and rice dish – I would dip sparingly.

Best Meat In Town & Shopping

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As a food blogger, we are constantly looking out for good food – and good food at a good price, so when a customer who moved into town from Germany asked me where can I get the best piece of steak – I show them the way to Emin’s Meat Market down on South end.  No one makes meat like Emin’s and you’ve gotta love the friendly and personalized service at the Emin’s.  So we headed to Emin’s but not before we went to check out some beauty stuff that we had read about – eyelash growth product reviews said that we could look out for them at our local pharmacy as well. So after we had done that – we headed to the best meat market in town.


Alas, Fred wasn’t there – but his staff working were just as friendly and knowledgeable – and we bought not only pieces of steak but Slovakia pork, sausages and stuffed pork as well.  My new found customer was really impressed with what Emin’s had to provide and she told me – the steak she bought – melted in her mouth and the apple cinnamon and the maple sausages that she had for breakfast the next morning  – were the best she had ever had.


Asked me anything about food – I’m the expert in it – but we did make out pretty well with the beauty department too – after all – which woman don’t know a bit about beauty products right?  I had a fruitful day !  food and beauty products – I’m a happy girl alright!

A Poolside BBQ

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This summer we feel so loved because we have been invited to many BBQs and poolside parties and for those who knows me – I love the BBQ and if you tell me there is a BBQ at your home – I’ll be the first to be there.  It’s always nice to have the pool for the kids but you all know that it can get quite chilly here – so most of our friends put in the raypak heat pump great for heating up pools and spa.  Some may think it’s an investment – but if you can be using your pool and spa during the winter – I think it’s a small price to pay.


Lots of non-alcoholic drinks were provided during the poolside bbq – so that the kids can enjoy them as well – and the kids loved to see colorful fruits in their drinks.


Besides the burger – we had other dishes like salad, cheese and finger sandwiches for the kids.


As you can see – we had lots of meat – chloe called it the meat galore – muahahha!


The kids were in loved with the jello.  The bbq lasted till late at night and we even got to take a dip in the evening – thanks to the heat pump – we weren’t freezing like most times.

Pizza & Good Friends


As you all know – Chloe had been sick for 10 days – and we have been practically stuck at home the whole time – not able to go anywhere – and shopping for groceries had to be done by PB alone.  And he couldn’t go too long – because Chloe would start whining.  Having Chloe at home – with a fever come on and off – just was a bit terrifying for me.  Thank God for good friends – who came almost everyday bearing food for us to eat – so that we only have to worry about cooking for Chloe.   The sat and stayed with us – and read to chloe and when Chloe was sleeping – they helped me do some housework so that I can get some rest.   After 5 days with the same kind of food – our dear friend decided to make some pizza for us – and stayed for supper – so that Chloe and I can have some company.  We chatted about life – sick kids – school and  also insurance they found on – it was good to have company – when PB wasn’t around at home.


Pizza was yummy!  and they had made the ones that PB liked pepperoni and cheese.


Good friends are hard to come by – but those who comes bearing food, help and good conversation – now those you have to treasure and keep.

Sick Food For Kids

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So you all know by now that Chloe had been sick for 10 days and thank God – she has now recovered – but still hacking a bit.  Today, we had gone back to the doctor’s for a follow up – and she still thinks that she has a bit of asthma.  So more testing was ordered – and we have to keep her diet light in the meantime.  For days – we had been trying to give Chloe the right food to eat – since she was puking – having a fever and then green poop plus diarrhea.


Finally, I cooked something she liked and would eat and is quite healthy.  Chicken broth with mushroom, fresh green peas, some chicken cooked together.  Thank God for the macaroni – for she loved it now – for the longest time – she wouldn’t eat it – because she associated macaroni with macaroni and cheese – that her daddy eats.  Now that she knows she can have macaroni with soup – she is all for it.  So from now on – I don’t have to fret when it comes to sick food for the brat.  And cooking macaroni with chicken broth is so easy – you should try it  on rainy days too.

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