Rice Roll Shaker

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So I saw this gadget on youtube from one of my favorite vlogger , and since we do not have a Daiso in our small little town of Yarmouth, NS, Canada.  What do I do?  reach out to my many friends from all over the world in my network of friends to get me one if they have a Daiso.  And sure enough a few weeks later, this package arrived from the United States of America !  woohoo !  Eddie my long time blogging friend sent me one and refused to let me pay for it.  How sweet is he?


This gadget cost less than $2 USD but the postage is about $10 USD.  And what do one use it for , I hear you asking?


Well, as you can see here, one can make sushi rolls very easily with this gadget and if you see the video by Ochikeron from Create Eat Happy, you will get an idea how you can make use of the gadget easily.  But on the wrapper that comes with the plastic gadget, they do also show you how.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use the gadget and it’s really fun.  So check it out and if you want one, check with your friends from Asia or even in United States, I’m very blessed as you can see to have friends from around the world, who are so generous to me.  Thank you Eddie !

Home Made Omurice

Posted by mamabok | Food From Home,Food Review,Japanese | Thursday 11 September 2014 7:36 pm


I haven’t cooked a lot this summer because we’ve been doing a little bit more traveling than usual for my work online.  But I was really happy to be able to cook omurice because I had been craving for it.  I can’t find omurice in Halifax , but back home omurice is popular in the Japanese restaurants.  This is my first time attempting omurice and of course, there are many kind of omurice but I am doing the “original” omurice by cooking with dogs.


This is the rice with the sauce.


An 2 eggs to wrap the rice and some ketchup on top.  And it turned out pretty good.  Next time, I won’t cook so much rice because I had so much leftover.

Japanese Takeout @ Sip Cafe

Posted by mamabok | Food Review,Japanese,My Musing | Tuesday 20 May 2014 9:26 pm


Yes, starting as of today, you can get real Japanese takeouts at Sip Cafe inside City Drugstore on Main Street Yarmouth.  Woohoo!  for those sushi lovers out there, you will be pretty happy with the food as well as the prices.  There is quite a variety to choose from and the sushi are made everyday in the morning fresh and delivered to Yarmouth from Little Brook.


The folks from Kizuna took time to prepare and packed each box with extra wraps to keep the sushi moist and fresh and you can find chopsticks at the side of the cold open face fridge inside Sip Cafe. Generous serving of soya sauce and ginger as well as wasabi were added in the box.  For $6.50, it was definitely not a bad deal at all, if you compare the quality of these sushi to the ones sold at Sobeys.


The maki course is good for lunch and has about 12 pieces in it, now more ginger would definitely be good though.  Eating fresh sushi is important to all sushi lovers out there and this is as fresh as it gets.


There is also containers of seaweed salad.


And as far as I can see, this sushi is well received by the people in this town.  Someone said it is quite addictive and I cannot agree more.  So if you are looking for Japanese sushi in downtown Yarmouth, check out Sip Cafe @ No 1 Collins Street.  Sushi is available as early as 11.30am in the morning till quantity last.

Sushi From Domotoro

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,FoodBuzz,Japanese | Wednesday 18 September 2013 2:32 pm

Domotoro locally owned and newly opened on Starrs Road.  I’ve eaten there twice and ordered take out once because I wanted sushi so bad but Hyunjin was working, so she can’t go.  She is my partner in crime when it comes to eating.  I understand that Domotoro has a Korean Chef – and I loved the unagi sushi a lot but at $2.50 a piece, I’m glad that my advertisers pays for my food coz’ I can surely eat a lot of those unagi !  Yes, they were that good.  Those who haven’t tried the unagi, you have to try it.

This is a combo set – that came to about $ 14 something, unfortunately, there were no wasabi on the sushi itself, a wee bit of sushi would really be nice.  I like my sushi at room temperature but I was too hungry to wait for it to be at room temperature today, so I chomped them down.  A wee bit more ginger with the combo would be nice too of course coz’ I loved ginger but had forgotten my bottle at home.  Overall, presentation of the sushi was great but the rice texture could use a little bit of improvement if you asked me but this is only my opinion as I’m sure a lot of people don’t mind the texture at all .    The counter girls were really great – very friendly and very kind when we dined in.   I would love to see Domotoro do well because I know lots of folks loved to eat sushi.  They are healthy and I used to eat them almost everyday when I was home in Asia or even traveling.  But I’m spoilt because I’ve eaten at the renowned sushi restaurant “Jiro”, so of course, I’m a little bit more picky.   So do go to Domotoro and try their sushi for yourself and not based on my opinion.  Like I said the Unagi were really good – I had quite a few when I dined in.

A Sneak Peek Of Domotoro

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,Japanese | Monday 19 August 2013 11:18 am

No I haven’t eaten at Domotoro, but a Japanese restaurant in Yarmouth is great news for both locals and tourists especially since we are getting our ferry back next year.

But the menu and prices seems good don’t you think?

Look at all the good food below.

Unagi and lobsters sushi

Combo pack

Makis !!

More combo set.

More makis

Lobster rolls?  unusual for a Japanese restaurant but this is a fishing town.

Sushi For Friday Night

Posted by mamabok | Food Review,Japanese,Shopping | Tuesday 5 March 2013 4:46 pm

I haven’t had sushi for a long time now because I really rather not eat any sushi if they were good.  Why waste  my calories on bad food right.  But sometimes, beggars cannot be choosers – so today I decided to get some pre-packed ones from Sobeys but of course, even though it looked so good, the rice was still so-so.

I really couldn’t taste the freshness in the sushi at all because they are really frozen.

But for $9.99 – one cannot expect too much eh.  Ginger not included – I bought them myself.

Sushi Nami

Posted by mamabok | Food Review,Japanese,The Brat,Vacation | Friday 16 November 2012 8:06 pm

We wanted Japanese of course during our trip up to Halifax and sushi nami we went – thinking that food would be quick but they were quite packed that night after the Christmas Parade and we weren’t expecting that.

Chloe and her favorite aunt playing with the iphone while waiting for our orders to be taken.

Some miso soup to start off the meal and green tea of course.

Agedashi tofu for me and Chloe’s aunt.

Sweet potato tempura for PB – but no more teriyaki chicken – they changed the menu.  Poor PB – those were the only 2 dishes he eats at any Japanese place.

The fusion sushi – the Royal Nami roll.

Chloe wasn’t going to eat any.

She ordered some udon with tempura chicken but they came so late – poor chloe she was starved and after taking a few bites – she didn’t want them because the udon was hard.  But the manager explained that udon were supposed to be this way – because they were “fresh”  but the waitress had already told us that they came pre-packed and pre-cooked – *sigh* and I’ve never tasted hard udon before.  Chloe didn’t eat it and neither did we.  I wasn’t happy with the explanation – but that’s alright – we won’t order any noodles for Chloe no more.

The tempura chicken was good but Chloe wasn’t eating it – so PB and I ate most of it.

We ordered some margaro sushi and sashimi  (forgotten to take pictures of the sashimi) because we were too engrossed with the manager on the discussion on the noodles.  But both the sushi and sashimi were good.

Chloe trying to be gung-ho with her noodles but she just couldn’t stomach it – I don’t blamed her – I tried the noodles myself – I wouldn’t eat it too.  Some $90 later – the kid didn’t get her meal – we had to go to macdonald’s to get her some french fries and mcbites.  This wasn’t a good trip for Chloe.

Another Visit To Sushi Nami

Posted by mamabok | Food Review,Japanese,My Musing,The Brat,The Other Half,Vacation | Wednesday 8 August 2012 11:16 am

After a long drive from Digby on our way to Moncton for the wedding last month, we stopped by for food at Sushi Nami.  And no, we didn’t eat only at Sushi Nami for our mini vacation, we ate at 2 different places besides Sushi Nami for we wanted to try something different.  But first back to this meal – Chloe had water straight away after our long drive.

I had some Japanese tea as usual.

And miso soup.

Agedashi tofu  – wished they had chawanmushi.

PB’s usual sweet potato tempura.

Some chicken yakitori.

Udon for chloe with deep fried chicken that were a wee bit spicy.

Udon wasn’t the greatest – we’ve had better.

Some Maguro sushi

Ebi sushi and some roe sushi.

And mango ice cream.   Food looks little but we were quite full after eating it.  The bill was a little more expensive than usual because I ordered single servings of sushi instead of their signature dishes. Our meal was great – but could have been better.

Bento Express Is In Town

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Food Review,Japanese,My Musing | Wednesday 18 July 2012 3:33 pm

Finally, some decent looking sushi in town – may not be the freshest but definitely more decent looking and better pricing than the ones I get from the Farmer’s market.  I haven’t tried it yet – going to do it tonite – and I will let you know what I think of it.

Dragon rolls anyone?

Gyoza found in our local Sobeys!

Vacation Eating

Posted by mamabok | Food Review,Japanese,My Musing,Useful Links,Useful Tips,Vacation | Tuesday 10 July 2012 2:28 pm

We just got home from our vacation – we were up in New Brunswick but we also spent a few days in Halifax eating.  We met up with a few friends and they had trailer hitches for cars  to haul back some camping stuff they had bought from the city.  We decided on Wasabi House because it was already late when we arrived in Halifax the last day of our vacation – and Wasabi House had an after hours special  menu that offers quite a few good dishes at a discount.  Now if you pay cash – you get another 10% discount – ain’t that awesome now!

Wasabi House is pretty small – and the few of us – took up half the restaurant space – it was quite warm where I was sitting – because I was under the air-con – so the next time I’m going to remember to sit away from the air-con.  The service was good and so was the food but that would be another story for another day.  But we ate so much that night – I couldn’t eat breakfast the next day.  So if you are anywhere in the city – check out the new Japanese restaurant down on Quinpool.

Wasabi Phil

Posted by mamabok | Food Review,Japanese,Seafood | Wednesday 23 November 2011 9:24 am


Wasabi Phil has a store at the Farmer’s Market and I’m pleased to let you all know that sushi was much better this week – I think I can really enjoy his sushi from now on – if he continues this standard.  But it would be nice if Wasabi Phil had some ginger and sushi soya sauce with his sushi – coz I had to use my own.  So folks – want some sushi – try Wasabi Phil at the Farmer’s market tomorrow and Saturday.  You won’t regret it – it’s the closest taste to real sushi besides Halifax.

Crazy About Sushi

Posted by mamabok | Food From Home,Food Review,Japanese,My Musing | Friday 28 October 2011 1:29 pm


I’m crazy about sushi – and I had bought this at the Farmer’s market the other day for $12  – it’s not a bad price if it was authentic sushi with a real sushi chef – but amateur sushi cannot charge so much lah!  It wasn’t bad – the sushi – but not worth $12 – so I’m going to learn to make my own sushi.   I’m sure I can do a better plate of sushi than this – right?  so yes! wish me good luck !  Those who have tried making their own sushi – should give me a tip or two how to prepare them.  I’ve watched a lot of video on youtube – so I think I can do it.

Shopping & Eating With Friends


I love to go shopping with my girlfriends from Canada – but eating with those from home – now that is pretty awesome too – especially when they bring you presents like personal picture frames from the states and eat sashimi with you.  Speaking of which – I’ll have to remember to collect my California rolls from the Farmer’s market tomorrow – I ordered them last week.  Anyhow, I had friends from home who’ve migrated to United States who came to visit this week – so I was extra busy with showing them around and eating with them.


We went to the Farmer’s market and bought some bread pudding.


And we checked out the Halloween decorations at our local grocery stores.


And we drove them to the airport – to send them off and had some good Japanese food.


And yummy, yummy sashimi!


And yummy grilled and raw squids. It was but a short visit – but we had a great time and it was like only last week that we had left each other – and we just picked right up where we left.  Some friends are just passing thru’ while others stay around for a long time.  Thank you for visiting me even though your schedules were so tight.   Now I can’t wait for Fiona and Karen (my other long time friends from work) to come visit me next year.

Ginger For Sushi

Posted by mamabok | Health,Japanese | Monday 25 July 2011 1:02 pm


I’ve actually bought this a long time ago – but when I first brought this home – the ginger wasn’t so ripe yet – I don’t like young ginger. So I let it sit for a while – like a few months – and today I opened it to eat them with my baked salmon. It was pretty good ! I love ginger – pickled ones like this – this bottle of ginger is actually meant for sushi – but you can eat it with anything you want. Ginger is said to be good for your body – especially if you feel bloated always – or if the food is too “cooling” for the stomach – the Chinese believed.  I put ginger in my Chinese soup and even dessert – if i cooked chinese chicken rice – I will also have ginger in my rice.   When I was pregnant with Chloe – I took some too – because I always feel nausea – with a little bit of ginger – it keep me feeling alright for a few hours.  Anyhow – I love ginger!

Sushi @ Farmer’s Market

Posted by mamabok | Food Review,Japanese,My Musing | Thursday 7 July 2011 10:27 am


Last week we found some food treasure at our local Farmer’s market !  can you imagine how i looked seeing sushi at the local Farmer’s market?  I had to buy them and try them of course!  But @ $10 a box – I told myself – it had to be good right? hahahah!!!   The box of sushi was $10 and the ginger was $0.50 cents and so was the soya sauce  – a wee bit ex if you asked me.  But never mind lah ! i told myself – just as long as they were good – no problemo!  the chopsticks were mine – hahah!


Smoked salmon sushi !!  so how was it?  well – it was kept at the right temperature that’s for sure  and it was rolled out well – the presentation was good – the touch of black sesame seed was awesome too and the avocado was another nice touch.  The smoked salmon was a tat bit dry though and the soya sauce was the wrong type.  The soya sauce used for Japanese sushi is different from the ones you used for your regular cooking.  The ginger was very little for $0.50 cents – but it was the right ginger used.   I do liked it – but a wee bit of improvement from vendor would be awesomeness and would bring Japanese sushi to a better taste and make it more authentic.   If i do see the vendor again – i would definitely let them know.  I don’t mind paying for good food – even if they were to charge a bit more – I really don’t mind – just as long as I can get that authentic taste.  But having said that – it’s not easy making sushi – so I have to give them credit for it.

Gyoza @ Halifax Shopping Center

Posted by mamabok | Food From Home,Food Review,Japanese,My Musing,The Brat | Friday 3 June 2011 10:14 am


This is a back-dated post – for when we were up in Halifax a few weeks ago.  We arrived in Halifax – and after checking into the hotel – we headed to Halifax Shopping Center and we had Gyoza for a snack as it was late afternoon.  Chloe had an OJ from Orange Julius aka OJ.


I bought the Gyoza from this store and although I would loved to have that soya and vinegar + ginger sauce they have back home – they don’t have it in this store – Darn!


The Gyoza costing about $5 – and it was pretty good – but nothing to shout about.


But the best part of this trip was – chloe tried some of everything – big difference alright!

Yong Tau Fu Laksa

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home,Food Review,Frozen Food,Japanese | Thursday 9 December 2010 12:56 pm


A month or so ago – we had gone to the city and loaded up on some Chinese food that we can find.  And guess what I found!  not LAKSA lah!  hahahha!! it was a packet of hot pot assortment – something like yong tau fu and you know what – I should have bought more – because they were so yummy! So i had some kind of a yong tau fu laksa about a week ago.


The next time I go up the city – I will get loads of this to bring home and that’s for sure.  When you are in a foreign country – you really have to make do with whatever you can get your hands on. I haven’t had yong tau fu for so long –  I tell yer!  that’s the main reason why I never lose my weight – or find it hard – because I eat a lot of vegies and yong tau fu back home.  I so missed the dry yong tau foo with the red sauce.


Posted by mamabok | Food From Home,Food Review,Japanese | Thursday 11 November 2010 2:37 pm


I have taken to eating soba instead of udon or any chinese noodles – just because soba is a healthier choice and it has got less calories.  So whenever I can – I would cook soba instead of Chinese noodles in a packet or udon.  Did you know that soba is half the calories of a packet of instant noodles?


I also put some seaweed dried ones and tofu into my noodles and some baked salmon for dinner.  Yums! healthy – guiltless and definitely easy peasy.

Japanese Cuisine & Tsukiji Fish Market Part 7

Posted by mamabok | Entertainment,Japanese | Saturday 6 November 2010 1:36 pm

The week just flew by –  and another episode of my favorite japanese cuisine for you all – so enjoy!  and have a great weekend!

Japanese Cuisine & Tsukiji Fish Market Part 6

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Entertainment,Food Review,Japanese | Saturday 30 October 2010 4:24 pm

The week just flew past – too quickly!  too quickly! and it’s that time of the week – for our usual fix for Japanese food.  See how a huge tuna fish is been cut, that itself need skills.  It’s a blue fin tuna I think – and not many of us have eaten one nor seen one this closed.  Enjoy! everyone – i did!  Everyone have a great weekend now! and enjoy our Japanese cuisine.

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