Pink Frying Pan

So i finally gave in and retired my old breakfast frying pan that I had been using for quite a while now.  The reason for retiring it was because a piece of the coating was gone – so to be safe and not get food poison or anything – i went hunting for a new … [Read more…]

Sugar Bowl

Sad to say, we don’t own a sugar bowl.  Why..??  because we rarely use sugar in our food or drinks.  A packet of sugar weighing 2kg can last us for 3 years or even more.  For my cooking, i use very little sugar and baking i am not very good at it, so we usually … [Read more…]

Food Show 2

It’s Mother’s Day today, so i thought i would share another cooking show i found online.  Enjoy..!!! and again .. Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies out there.   And for those who wants a really good true Canto story, try watching A Very Short Life – awesome movie – shouldn’t missed. Maria’s Kitchen DLL : … [Read more…]