Lunch With My Insurance Agent

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I just came back to work from lunch with my insurance agent and like  don allred insurance  I found them online since our local insurance folks do not have the kind of insurance I’m looking for.   Back home, insurance agents actively look for their clients, while here, it’s quite different.  You have to actively look for them if you want your car, home or contents to be insured.  Health insurance are the same here, you have to choose your own agency and even when you sign up with them, they rarely keep in touch with you like they do at home.

The insurance agency that I’m currently with right now brings me out for lunch every time he is in town and even buys me a bottle of my favorite wine.  Premiums are good and I can be sure that he is the first to be there for me if I needed him.  I love all the tips and savings that I’ve learned from my current agent and am really happy that I’ve found a reliable agent for all my insurance need.

Entertaining Friends From Ottawa

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When friends from Ottawa came to visit, we eat a lot – in fact almost all the meals they had were with us.  We went to the Chinese restaurant and then to Marco’s for a late lunch.  We love Marco, because the food is good and reasonable prices and it’s in town and of course, the service is awesome.  This is the kid’s fish nuggets – look how much the fish were.

Layla had spaghetti and a piece of garlic bread.

I had the philly cheese steak with baked potatoes.

While Hyunjin had the same except with a salad.

Iris had Haddock and mashed potatoes.

Beautiful Chantal had french fries and spaghetti  and fish.

Jackie had haddock with rice

While Gustavo had fish with baked potatoes.   We had a really awesome time together, I wished they didn’t have to leave so soon.

Lunch With An Old Friend From Raleigh

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An old friend from Raleigh came to visit this summer and we met up for a late lunch after she had finished some official work.  She is a accountant   and as busy as she was, she managed to squeeze some time for our meet up before heading back to the city.  I’m not into the financial aspect of any job I’ve had but it’s funny how most of my friends are either CPAs or internal auditors for offshore banks.  So I brought her out to the best burger place in town.  Chuck’s Wagon on Forest Street of course.

Another friend who came along had the Tex burger

While I had the rodeo breakfast.

She tried the house special with molasses bread and a piece of donair meat.

This was my burger.

With eggs, tomato and a slice of ham.

And poutine of course ! a must try.

I had the normal onion rings also known as wagon wheels.   It was a great lunch, lunch lasted for 2 hrs and we played catch up as much as we can. As a CPA, she must be very busy therefore, I’m grateful, she took time off to spend with me.  Till we meet again – old friend.

Day Trip To Digby, NS

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The day had finally warmed up, so the some friends and I decided that we should take a day trip to visit another friend living in Digby.  We’ve always loved Digby, it’s such a wonderful town especially during the summer.  Lucky for me, I had on a ray ban original wayfarer  else the 1 hr drive would have been scotching on my eyes.

The first thing the kids did when we arrived in Digby was to take a picture of themselves and the scenery around time – look how sunny it was – even the kids had to squint their eyes here.  But the breeze was lovely, so it wasn’t that hot for us to walk around downtown Digby.

We loved how picturesque Digby is – everywhere you turn to around Digby gives you the sea, boats and the sun – on a good day.  So if you are thinking of going to Digby, go when the weather is good and bring along your sunglasses as well as sunscreen.

What a lovely day !  always loved to see boats of any  kind.  What about you?

And now some home made Cuban food from our lovely host – Tania from Cuba and Dave from Scotland.  Yummy looking salad, so beautifully dressed up – we don’t wanna mess it up.

Cuban beef – thinly sliced and very tender – flavorful.

Cuban rice with black beans.

And beet root, corn and broccoli salad made by Jackie from Peru.

And a lovely group picture before we left Digby with our host family.

Lunch Of The Day @ Marco’s

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So I had lunch with my girlfriends every Friday as usual – even though I haven’t been posting a lot lately of our food rendezvous – but no worries we have been eating as usual. And this time, Hyujin, Jackie and Kim came a long for our food tasting at Marco’s.

Pretty ladies – posting for me.

Marco’s had fish and chips for the lunch special and we wanted to try it since they were always good on the children’s menu.  I had mine with baked potatoes and they came with some vegies – awesome.  The fish was good but it could most definitely use more fish.

Hyunjin had the same but with fries and some shrimp at $3.99 extra for 5 shrimps – not bad at all.

Jackie was very hungry – lunch took a long time to come – as you can see – she was eyeing the food already heheh!

Kim had the montreal burger – and it was so yummy!  i had her bacon on the side.

Dessert was beignet pomme – fried apple donut with ice cream.

Coconut cream pie for Kim

Jackie was surprised at the size of her dessert.

Crazy eyes on the dessert – hahahha!

And crepe for me and hyunjin – but i would have preferred with real strawberries.  Overall lunch was pretty good.

Weekends @ Jungle Jims

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Canadian,Food Review,Meet Up With,My Musing | Friday 19 April 2013 10:40 am

Firstly, I have to say that no one beats the service at Jungle Jim’s – in Yarmouth, NS  – these girls are the best !  we especially loved one waitress -she is tall and skinny but most of them are tall and skinny but most admirable is the boss of Jungle Jim’s here – he is so nice and approachable.  My g/f had her favorite thai chicken bites.

The spouse had chicken fingers.

We had chimi cheesecakes for dessert

And another g/f Jackie had tacos

I had the all day breakfast – super yummy!

Layla had grilled cheese – which looked quite ordinary eh.

And chloe had the monkey fingers – too.

The girls shared a dessert – of brownies.

And their drawing .  Loved that the girls get along so well.

Shopping & Weekly Lunch

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Shopping and weekly lunches are great with my girlfriends, we not only exchange gossips and play catch up – we also learned all the good buys around town and on the internet.  If I asked a girlfriend  where to buy tv brackets  they would have a few good suggestions for me and if I needed a good pair of ski pants, they would know where to find them if I cannot find them in town.  I loved our weekly lunches and shopping spree, it’s something I looked forward to every week and although not everyone can attend the lunch together, I know I can count on them for just about anything.  Don’t you just loved friends like that?  now if you haven’t planned for weekly lunches and shopping sessions with your girlfriends, make this year the start of a new social calendar, it’s really good for the health.

Networking Over Brunch

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Meeting up with my investment banker every 6 months is pretty much a routine thing now and I loved our meetings because he is so funny sometimes but so smart.  I sometimes pick his brains on other investment that I have back home in Singapore and he would extend his help and contact my citibank’s private banker.  Mostly during these kind of lunch, we also get to meet other people from the bank and I’m glad i have a  business card printer  at the store to print out all my cards so that I have enough to exchange with others just like myself.  I think we’ve formed quite an exclusive network here – and we pretty much exchange ideas and throw each other our experiences to ponder on.

Usually, we meet up in the city but this time, they’ve decided to come visit me and like any true Asian – I played host to a few people that I’ve been networking with for the last 12 years. Amazing how time flies – anyway, we had brunch on their last day in town and we headed to Jungle Jim’s for breakfast.  Loved the service at Jungle Jim’s and loved their food.

So cheap and really value for money.

I showed them how one of my g/fs had her eggs the other day – and we all did the same that day – just to see how it tasted like. hahah!  yes, we can be funny sometimes too – and it was not all about work during these meetings.


A Making Money Luncheon

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I was invited for a luncheon not too long ago in the city and met several interesting young women entrepreneurs that opened my eyes to many other business opportunities in this country.   Most of these ladies that I’ve met came from all walks of life and one important aspect of these ladies were determination.   These ladies had stories to share and to me it was a learning experience, I also learned about business opportunities like  Web To Print  and franchises and what are the pros and cons on taking up the challenges of these businesses.  Real life stories – albeit not all happy ones but still an eye opener for me.  I brought home some ideas and me and PB are actually discussing about the feasibility of taking up another challenge soon since Chloe is much older now and don’t need as much attention as when she was younger.  Wish me luck now!

A Chinese New Year Gathering

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Chinese New Year was yesterday and as usual, a few friends with chinese kids like mine loved to gather and preserved a little of our chinese tradition even though we are so far away from home.  So a fruit basket full of good wishes for the Zhu’s at the Chinese restaurant and hoping it will bring them good luck and lots of money at the restaurant.

Some traditional chinese goodies from home for tasting and sharing.

Chloe all dressed up in cheong sum bought by her kai mah Lina from Singapore.

Eating at the restaurant, special noodles cooked for her.

Eating her favorite fried chicken with chinese noodles.

I had the buffet – yummy!

And here Ms Jasmine chomping down the peking duck with gusto – just loved the way she tried everything.

The chinese kids.

Adele and Sarah.

A Cigar Bar

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Sometime during Christmas, we went up to the city because we were invited to an opening of a cigar bar in the city.  As a food blogger with lots of following, you get perks like this – and even though I’m no cigar smoker, I loved buying cigars for my father-in-law and my ex-boss from Spain.  Yes, I still keep in touch with him because he was so good to me when I worked for him – those were the 2 best years of my life.   Anyhow, coming back to the cigar bar – they had a  cigar auction  and it was awesome because I bought some good stuff just in time for Christmas presents.

Cigar bars are very common back home – for those who loved the cigar and wants to have a drink and try different kind of cigars.  My previous bosses were club members of various cigar bars and they used to entertain there a lot.  I met some very interesting and intelligent business people at these clubs.  If you haven’t been to a cigar bar before, you should check it out sometime when you get a chance.

Christmas Gift Exchange

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We were invited to a Christmas tea and a gift exchange amongst friends and the turned out was bigger than I had expected.  There were  lots of food as usual but most importantly, friends gathering and chatting and rekindling our friendship.  We also had a gift exchange and some gave out military coin  to our kids because their spouses’ are still in the army serving the country.  In this part of the world, serving your country whether here at home or in Afghanistan as a peace maker, it’s a highly respected profession, and most of us who received the military coin felt very grateful for these men who ware there to keep us safe.

Some of the food here are home made as you can see but they were absolutely delcious!

Lots of cupcakes for the tea party and if you want to knwo where it’s all pinkish – because we had a lot more ladies than men that day.

Yummy chocolate cupcakes for the children.

Meeting Up With New & Old Friends

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I love time with my friends and I have the tendency to invite even new friends to meet with old friends so that they all can be friends. So today I invited a new friend to meet up at Boston Pizza for lunch with some old friends and like usual, they hit it off and there we are all friends now.  My girlfriend order a sandwich this time – I can’t remembered what she ordered but she said it was good.

Next, this is from the kid’s menu – and Jasmine ordered Bugs n’ Cheese with alfredo sauce.

Chloe had the chicken fingers and so did our new friend – Rebekah – but she ordered the adult version of course.  Rebekah is such a nice young lady – I hope that when Chloe grows up, she will be like Rebekah.

Armeli our new friend from Peru ordered this classic nachos – very yummy looking.

And lynette had this for starters – the 3 cheese bread of course, her favorite.

Lynette made her own pasta – the penne baked with alfredo sauce and 3 meatballs – real italian meatballs.  She said it was pretty good too.

Me and another gal pal had a half order of the Jambalaya fettuccine – our current favorite now because it’s spicy.  Lunch was great – I wished we had more time we spent with each other but as usual, some are very busy running errands, so we had to go our own ways.  Next time, I’m going to tell the gals – at least a 3 hrs lunch. hahahah!

Boston Pizza’s New Menu

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I really try not to eat the same thing over and over again – but I tend to stick to something I liked but one gotta be a wee bit more adventurous if you are writing about food right?  Plus, my big boss told me the other day – please go eat something new.  So when Boston Pizza came up with a new menu – a few weeks ago, I had to go try it.  But of course, my gal pal had to have chicken wings this week – hahahah!!!  now how unadventurous was that!

Next she had that 3 cheese toast loaded with bubbling cheddar, pizza mozzarella and Parmesan and a wee bit of garlic and she swears by it.  I did try it sometime ago, and found it really rich.  A single order of this bread is about $5.25 – so not a bad price at all.

I had the sirloin steak with steam veggies and a salad with raspberry vinaigrette, alas – the steak was tough, i think i might need to order medium rare instead of medium well from now on.

My other gal pal had her usual Jambalaya fettucini – half order of it.  If you didn’t know by now, one can order a half order of pasta from Boston pizza – now isn’t that good? actually it’s great for people like us who can’t eat so much in one meal.

Then we had dessert – this was S’mores Pizza and it was definitely yummy!  we could have that again.  The marshmallow was burnt just the right amount.

This was a brownie with chocolate and ice cream but the brownie was rather dry – kinda disappointing but nevertheless a great meal.  Plus we got a great waitress, Tanya and we got a 15% discount because of the steak and the brownie.   But we left a $10 tips too.

Breakfast With My Insurance Guy

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I love having breakfast with my insurance guy Real and since it was his birthday, we decided to get him a present since he insisted on buying me breakfast.  Knowing that he probably wouldn’t mind having a new briefcase since he carries one everywhere he goes, we went shopping a week ago for  mens briefcases  and yes, we did find one that I’m sure he would use often.   I don’t know about you but our insurance guy is like family to us, since he was there whenever we needed him and he is not just someone that fly by night, in fact, he actually took care of my in-law’s insurance and helped my father-in-law out big time when grammie passed away in February.  Anyhow, he loved his briefcase and we had a lovely breakfast at Jungle Jim’s  – and Jungle Jim’s does give good value for your money when it comes to your breakfast.

Desserts @ Marco’s Grill

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Food Review,Meet Up With,My Musing | Friday 7 September 2012 2:04 pm

Marco’s Grill does have one of the best desserts in town and even if you are not going for lunch or dinner, you can always stop in for some desserts like we did.  My girlfriend had the crepe with ice cream because she already had lunch, so we told her to come along for dessert and like how it looks – it was yummy to the max.

PB and I had a brownie fudge, I wanted to have something sweet with my coffee and it was really good.  While chloe had a chocolate sundae.

Both chloe and my best gal pal aka my sister from another mother enjoyed themselves so much.  We really loved Marco’s – now only if it wasn’t so hot all the time.

Large Portions @ Boston Pizza

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing | Wednesday 5 September 2012 2:13 pm

Food portion at Boston pizza is really huge – even when you order the half size plate – mannnn!!  we certainly were stuffed by the time we got out of Boston Pizza.  Definitely value for money – and the Baked Chipotle Bacon Penne was really cheesy and creamy – unfortunately, there weren’t much mushrooms to be seen but lots of bacon though. The dish cost about $14.95.

Kim had the tuscan pizza at $12.95 – and it had Pomodoro sauce, pizza mozzarella, cheddar, spicy chicken breast, roasted garlic, fresh spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and feta. And Kim said it was really good.

My gal pal had some spicy shrimp and sausage fettucinni called the Jambalaya Fettuccini  – at $15.95 and it looked really good – I want to try it the next time.

Chloe had her usual chicken fingers that came with a monster cookie at $6.25 – so all in all it was a $60 meal + tips.  Kinda ex – for just pasta – no desserts but it was ok.  And yes, the service was not as good as the last few times we were there – could be better.

More Food From Toronto

Posted by mamabok | Chinese,Food From Home,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing | Wednesday 29 August 2012 2:43 pm

This is long overdue too – because I received this box of food and goodies like in July and already finished eating it hahah!!  Jen from Toronto sent them to me because she knows how much I missed my food from home.  Thank you so much Jen and Chapman – you too are an angel.

Breakfast @ McGinnis Landing Restaurant Moncton

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I know I’m more than a month late with some of the good food that we’ve eaten lately, but there is just so much that we’ve eaten of late – especially this summer.  But here it is – McGinnis Landing is situation in the hotel we stayed in during the cousin’s wedding in Moncton, the service was great, I feel that we didn’t tip them enough, the food was good – they had a good menu and of course the Sunday Brunch buffet is something they can brag about.  The whole family gathered there the morning after the wedding.  And these are my favorite people – Andrea, Troy and Aunt Renette.

Some more extended family, Guy, Simone, Lucy and Denise

The other Denise and Simone’s daughter.

My breakfast – of course, that wasn’t all i ate but the egg benedict was really good but a tat dry.

My breakfast from the day before, we arrived a day earlier to settle down.

Chloe’s breakfast from the day before too.

PB’s breakfast – to share with chloe.

Chloe’s waffle.

My favorite people in the entire world.

Aunt Carmen and Mario

All the aunts and Mario.

Aunt Mariette and her family.  We had a really good meal at Mcginnis Landing and I recommend it – we were so noisy, and they didn’t tell us to keep quiet and they were so good. The prices were fair too.

Pizza & Sushi Night With Girlfriends

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Fast Food,Food Review,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing | Wednesday 1 August 2012 8:52 pm

Friday nights are now usually a time for me and my girlfriends to get together to chat and eat. And I loved Friday nights because I get to invite my different friends to my home and we really enjoy our time together.  So a few Fridays ago, we decided that it would be Pizza night – but because there was a new kind of sushi at Sobeys, I figured we should try that out too.  Sushi and the pork dumpling was pretty good – better than the previous kind that they had brought in from the city.  So for those who haven’t tried “real” sushi – go ahead and try these ones – I highly recommend them and prices are really good too.

The pizza we ordered from Greco was pretty good – but they came so late – I was not impressed at all.  The next time we have pizza night, I’m gonna order it from somewhere else.   We were hungry by then and they had forgotten to bring plates for us too – and I didn’t want to do dishes that night – bummer!

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