Summer Margaritas Party

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Summer is finally here and of course, we can’t wait to party at our cottage.  We are having a margarita party with my girlfriends and I can’t wait to show off my  Margarita Glasses – Customized by Glass With a Twist  .  I loved that we can have garden parties anytime we want because of having a cottage by the beach.  Our cottage is so cozy and even though we’ve spent hours decorating it , we still feel that having friends and family over is the best thing one can do at the cottage.



The kids can also have their own margarita party but of course without the alcohol but they definitely can use our margarita glasses and play pretty like they are adults too.  A little more to pay to personalize the margarita glasses but so many years of fun for both the adults and kids.  You can choose the fonts you want and what you want to print on the glasses and of course, the more you order, the less it will cost you.  I would get 2 dozen if you asked me because you want to make sure that everyone has a very special margarita glass.  No one wants to get left out of the fun.

Scary Halloween Haunted Houses

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Yes, we are turning our summer cottage into a Halloween Haunted House for friends and family and the spouse bought the oldest electronic instrument to provide all the scary sounds one can imagine for a haunted house.  Now I didn’t think that it was going to be that scary, till I saw what the machine could do.  It was very scary music alright!  Of course, as soon as we had the try out with the other parents, they want  More  of these scary sound effect to scare the kids and adults.  A friend who is a make up artist has agreed to help with the make up and I know that the kids are going to enjoy it very much.  Some may cry and some may not go to sleep after they have seen our haunted house at our summer cottage but the neighbors at the cottage are also coming together to help us with the haunted house and one even is loaning us their pony for rides for the kids.  It is going to be a blast!

PS  :  There will be hot apple cider and lots of cookies for the kids.

A Chinese Birthday Party

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A very special birthday of a very special little girl that we’ve come to know and grow up with.  Jessica from the Chinese restaurant invited us to her birthday, if you’ve met her, you would know that she is the sweetest kid on earth.   Her mom ordered an ice cream cake from Diary Queen and we had an hour of bowling session at Brunswick Lane and headed back to the restaurant to eat.

I figured it would make no sense to pay $20 to eat at the bowling alley when they own a restaurant right?  plus it would be so much easier to eat at the restaurant with everything right there and lo and behold I was right.  The kids had a blast!  Look at how cute they are!!

The Zhu’s made special food for Chloe because she wouldn’t eat anything with greens.

But look at how happy she was scooping up her own food.


Everyone is eating now.

And our very special birthday girl – Jessica !

A Cigar Bar

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Sometime during Christmas, we went up to the city because we were invited to an opening of a cigar bar in the city.  As a food blogger with lots of following, you get perks like this – and even though I’m no cigar smoker, I loved buying cigars for my father-in-law and my ex-boss from Spain.  Yes, I still keep in touch with him because he was so good to me when I worked for him – those were the 2 best years of my life.   Anyhow, coming back to the cigar bar – they had a  cigar auction  and it was awesome because I bought some good stuff just in time for Christmas presents.

Cigar bars are very common back home – for those who loved the cigar and wants to have a drink and try different kind of cigars.  My previous bosses were club members of various cigar bars and they used to entertain there a lot.  I met some very interesting and intelligent business people at these clubs.  If you haven’t been to a cigar bar before, you should check it out sometime when you get a chance.

A Day For Celebration

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A year ago today, my brother-in-law decided that he had to stop drinking and get his life back together.   He drank all thru’ Christmas till New Year’s day and he knew that he had to get help.  Unfortunately, in our small town, we don’t have  alcohol treatment facilities  and when he went to the hospital to seek for help, the doctor told him that he didn’t have a spare bed to help him.  How tragic was that?  This town really needs a good alcohol treatment facility – not many – I’m just asking for one.  Can you imagine asking for help and being turned away.

Anyhow, fast forward a year later, my brother-in-law haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since and he is now driving again after 10 years.   Yes! 10 years!  We are all very proud of him but wished that he had an easier time when he needed help and that the rehab center in the hospital would be more sympathetic to people like him instead of turning him away.

Tomorrow, we celebrate his milestone – but it’s sad that my mother-in-law who passed away a month after he quit drinking isn’t here to share this happy moment.  Olivette, here’s to you ! both Richard and Chris are good boys ! you can rest in peace now.

Food For The Church

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Thank God for  truck seat covers  else these food that we had carried to the church would have gone all over the car and would be really hard to clean – hahah!  we were invited to a church gathering and because of the rain, we had to pick up the food from various people who couldn’t make it.  Since we have a truck, we decided to do a good deed for the day but little did I know that some of the food didn’t come with covers, so some food did spill of course, but thank god for seat covers, else it would have been really messy!  We delivered the food on time and I managed to get the seat covers cleaned out in a jiffy and PB didn’t look too mad after the cleaning.

Wedding Snacks

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We were at PB’s cousin wedding in Moncton a month ago and we had a blast.  They had some finger food late in the evening after the wedding ceremony and speeches and we do liked the food – they were really tasty.  We didn’t eat much because it was already late and we had to bring Chloe back to the hotel to sleep -but it was overall a good snack – and can make a meal if you are very hungry.  Chloe had some plain Ritz crackers because she wouldn’t eat anything else.  Now some hot dog right about now would be very nice. hehe!  But who’ve heard of hotdogs during a wedding right?  but wait a minute one of PB’s friend had Macdonald’s for his wedding – now that was too funny – but he used to work at Macdonald’s so it’s not that strange at that time.

Planning A Play Date

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Planning a play date for Chloe and her friends was a fun one for me – not only because I get to buy all sorts of food to introduce to them – I also get to plan all kinds of games for them to play with.  Of course, I had help from my good old friend Mabel and her brain teaser puzzles  and we were all set to entertain a few of Chloe’s friends from school and church.

We bought some cheese calzone from the Old World Bakery down on Main Street and the kids loved them – and wanted more.  Full of real cheese in them and some tomato paste making the calzone so yummilicious .  This makes a meal by itself but since we had other food for the kids to eat – we cut them into bite sizes.

We also bought some Baklava for everyone – and this turkish dessert was a delight to all the kids – it was really and had peanuts in them – lucky for me I checked to make sure that no one was allergic to peanuts.

We had cookies from the Farmer’s market.

Actually a variety of cookies but of course, we let them play on their own as well with dolls and watch a movie.  The play date went super well – and all the kids went home happy and fed with junk.

Easter Gift Baskets For Kids

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Easter is just round the corner and this week we are preparing some Easter Gift Baskets for the kids in Chloe’s school.   I’m wondering if I should ask Chloe’s home room teacher to create a contest for the kids in her class – so that they can get to win a huge gift basket – and the rest will get a smaller basket.  But having said that I’m also preparing some gift baskets for some special friends’ kids and one for Chloe of course.  This year, there will be no Easter egg hunt at Grammie’s but that doesn’t mean that she won’t get anything from Grammie because we are going to make it as special as possible for her with Grampie.  I know that Grampie may not know what to buy for Chloe but we are going to be doing all the shopping and have a huge hunt with Grampie and Uncle Richard – and if Aunt Helena is here – it would be more fun for Chloe.

Christmas Parties


We’ve been invited to several Christmas parties this year and Chloe and PB baked some sugar cookies to bring to our hosts – we thought it would be a nice gesture since most of our friends have everything and insist that we don’t bring anything except ourselves.  We had to turn down some parties because we were afraid that the weather may not permit us to travel to and fro for the parties – plus in previous years we’ve seen many accidents on the highway – even when the snow wasn’t so bad – it’s the ice on the road that causes these accidents.   Of course,  medical help would be there when the need arises but why court trouble when you don’t have to right – so we only attend parties right in town and the time has to be right too – because of Chloe’s food – she is a fussy eater.

PB always insist that he is a careful driver – and I always remind him that it’s not him I’m worried about on the road – it’s those that are drinking during their parties or those who’ve ate too much – and falling asleep on the road.  You can never be too careful – so this Christmas season – for those who drink – don’t drive and if the weather is bad – don’t go out – because you may be a cautious driver – but the person riding down the highway – may not be – or the road conditions just may not be the best.  Be safe this Christmas and always have an emergency kit with you in the car and a number to call for Medical Emergency Assistance.

Boston Pizza In Halifax

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Located at Duke and Granville Street in Downtown Halifax – Boston Pizza wasn’t our first choice to eat but Chloe wasn’t feeling so good at that time when we were in the city – so we decided to just take a quick bite.   It was very near to the hotel we were staying at – The Westin at South End and I have to say the service was very good – the waitress was very nice.  We were out getting  Christmas invitations for Christmas – in downtown when it started to drizzle – so we decided to go into Boston Pizza for a meal and also to get out of the rain.


Chloe wasn’t up to eating the fish nor the french fries that was how we knew she wasn’t feeling good at all.  Poor kid – but she was kept occupied with the new Christmas invitations that we had bought from a gift store earlier in the afternoon while we were out shopping.


I had a bowl of french onion soup with some french loaf  – the onion soup was good.


PB had fish and chips – as you can see – it was a very small portion but good enough for PB as he doesn’t eat a lot.  Overall, our experience at Boston Pizza was good.  No fault of theirs that our kid was sick but they did try to make it as pleasant as possible for Chloe.  It was a bit chilly where we sat – the air-con was blowing directly on top of our head – so it was not so good for Chloe.   After a quick meal – we packed up all our Christmas invitations – and bolted out into the night – and quickly into the car and got back to the hotel.   Maybe, the next time when we are up in Halifax, we will give Boston Pizza another try.

Summer Party

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We attended our first summer party last night in the country of a dear friend’s country home – it was the wedding of her son – and it was a small party for closed friends and family.  Everything was prepared so beautifully by friends and family – even the food was prepared at home and not catered.   The invitation cards and party favors were pretty unique – so I had asked my host about it – and was re-directed to an online store.  Now had I known about this earlier – I would have introduce this place for the 4th July party that my girlfriends from the States had at their home.  But never mind – next year she can check out  the july 4th invitations for all her invitation needs and party favors.

I loved the summer wedding party we attended – the garden was so brightly lit and the wedding couple were beautiful.  Food was yummilicious !  and here I wish them a blissful marriage – which reminds me that today Jen and Chapman is having their wedding in Toronto today !  and i wish them many, many happy years together.  Congrats to the newly weds.

Birthday Party @ The Movie Theater

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Look who had a birthday party at the movie theater’s last Sunday?   Can you guess who is turning 7 yrs old this Sunday?  More on having your birthday party in the movie in another post.  In the meantime, what are your thoughts about celebrating your kid’s birthday @ the movies?

Dressing Up The Dining Room For Christmas

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Every year I tell PB we should host Christmas dinner at our place instead of his parents – that way – his mother gets a day’s rest – instead of having to prepare dinner for us.  But every year we fail to do it – because we get so busy with the store – since Christmas is usually our busiest.  This year – I starting early to prepare for Christmas – that way – maybe, just maybe we can really have Christmas at our home.   I won’t be able to cook a big meal – but certain food I can get them already cooked in our local grocery store and buy them pre-prepared.

So I got some ideas from the internet and I’m getting some chair slipcover and accessorizing my dining chairs this Christmas.  One of the examples I found is using a red ribbon and tying it over the dining chair with some christmas cones and ferns. Very stunning right?  with a white slip cover over the chair.   By doing this simple decorating – I don’t have to do a center piece and it sets the dining room in the right mood for Christmas.  I love this idea so much !  and anyone can do it – and if you have a theme for the year – like blue or gold – you can use gold ornaments – or others – as you see fit.

A Love For Hotdogs

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I don’t know if you noticed this – but I have a love for hotdogs – yes ! a weakness – even if I’ve had my lunch – I still cannot resist having a hotdog.  But as soon as I eat them – I know i will feel so guilty because I am not skinny like Chloe – so I am always on a look out for fat burners for women .  I kid you not!  if I could have it my way – I would be having hotdogs everyday.


And one of the reasons why I love summer is because I can have BBQ hotdogs !!!  i remember when I was a teenager and going for a movie at Cathay Cinema – they have an OJ there – and an A&W – do you remember?  yes – I would sneak a Coney Hotdog in there – and stink the whole cinema up!  hahaha!! those were the days!  and even though I can’t get hotdogs like the ones back home – these ones made by a friend, Mr B  – was still very good.


I only had one that day at Ellenwood Park for a birthday party – but I wished i could have more – but i already had lunch – so couldn’t stuff anymore into my face – hahaha!!  And if I had I would definitely need those fat burners! But I just love hotdogs – I never ever refuses one.   Plus good company and good food always goes hand in hand.   The next time I have a BBQ at my home – you know who is going to be the Executive Chef eh.


The skinny – minnie chloe – who doesn’t eat bread or hotdog *slap forehead*

Nut Cracker

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Did you know that the “ang mohs” love their nuts? Yes!  in fact the fun of eating nuts is to crack them up with a nut cracker.  I never used to enjoy eating nuts this way – but it’s a lot more fun to crack the nuts whole and then dig the goodies out with your fingers.  I also think you eat a lot less than those packet nuts that you can buy at convenient stores.


These nuts are really cheap here – a bag of assorted nuts are less than $5 i think .. and usually ppl don’t even finished them at parties but they are great to be seen on table.  So if you haven’t cracked a nut before, try it – even chloe loves playing with the nut cracker.   Oh . .and nuts are supposedly to be healthy and healthier if eaten whole.

Ice Hockey Birthday Cake

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For those who are not aware of this..  when we talk about hockey in Canada.. it is ice hockey.  The “ang moh” told me.. that there is no other way to play it in Canada – unlike back home, where you can play them on a field full of grass or in the basketball court.  Yes ! i was in the hockey team back home – the ones we played at the vacation house during a holiday some few years ago.

Canadians, especially the boys here are very into hockey – i know of someone who would do anything .. just be with those hockey boys .. hahhaha!!! But our friend’s kid – also is in love with hockey .. and obviously, during his birthday.. he wanted a ice hockey birthday cake.  Nice right..??  very ..! chloe enjoyed the cake so much .. and the birthday as well.  Thank you for having us.

Halloween Helper

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Halloween isn’t till Saturday.. but Chloe had a party at school .. and we offered to send in treats for her entire class.  Of course, we had more than just loot bags for her friends.. we bought another cake for her class as well.  This year Chloe helped with putting the treat bags together, previous years .. it was ang moh who did everything .. while watching a movie while i went ahead to look for jobs in Administration since I didn’t have a lot of work to do then.


Chloe was very helpful indeed – she followed instructions.. and made sure everyone had the same amount of candies.. and even tried tying the loot bag on her own.  Yes.. my daughter is growing up .. too fast in my opinion.  We are very thankful that she is kind, thoughtful.. and awfully compassionate.  She even kept a loot bag for her babysitter – who wasn’t with her this Halloween.  She wanted her mama and daddy to go trick a treating with her.. but she didn’t forget her babysitter.   I am definitely proud of Chloe .. despite everything .. despite all the disappointment.. she remained her usual . . a very compassionate and kind lil’ girl albeit whiny on days.. but that’s to be expected eh..?? afterall, she is a kid.

When Easterly Showers Falls On The Sunny West Episode 25

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When Easterly Showers Falls On The Sunny West Episode 25 is being downloaded.. while i prepare for the birthday party.  Pictures to be up later, you will see what the man had been doing.. hahhaha!! i’m the luckiest woman..  :)  the kid’s birthday party.. and the man and the babysitter is doing everything. .and i just delegate.. muahhahaha!! anyways.. hop over to my entertainment blog.. and download link is there.. or come back in a bit.. when i find the online version ..  enjoy..!!  while i rush and shower.. and get the brat’s lunch ready before the birthday.

Thanksgiving In USA

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Thanksgiving in the United States and Canada.. are a month apart.  For us here in Cananda.. it isn’t such a big deal but for some folks in United States like my girlfriend, Lara.. it was so important that she flew back from Asia to US to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family.  Now that she is permanently in United States, I try my best to remember to send some personalized gifts to her and her wonderful family on this special day.

I remember the feast they use to have .. during Thanksgiving… and I told myself.. i can never cook this much food within a day or two.  They had so many people come by the house.. it was awesome.  Not only family but friends and neighbours too.

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