Tuesday Pasta Night At Boston Pizza

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I’ve never had pasta on Tuesday nights at Boston Pizza before and we finally made it for pasta night.  We had wanted to order our ordinary pasta but the waitress had recommended that we order the ones for pasta night because they were only $10 each.   So we figured we would.  I ordered the spaghetti with their famous meatballs.  And as you can see here , the pasta were aplenty.  I could hardly finish half of it , and only had 2 meatballs.  So unless you have a huge appetite, I don’t encourage you to order such because I for one hate to waste food and I don’t like leftovers , so what a waste.


My g/f had the jambalaya and it was huge too but at least she managed to finish a lot of it and doggie back home the rest but it was a lot.  So unless you really love pasta, don’t waste food.


We of course had to have the cheese cake with some coffee to end the evening.

Boston Pizza Spaghetti & Meatballs

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I figured we should try something different at Boston Pizza instead of just jambalaya, so since we haven’t had spaghetti and meatballs for so long, I ordered some.  It turned out really good – the meatballs – but the second time we ordered it again the follow week, it wasn’t that good anymore.  I guess Spaghetties and meatballs are only once in a blue moon kinda pasta for me – oh well, I still loved it the first time.   I think we’ve just been eating too much pasta of late – no fault of Boston Pizza’s of course, gonna try ribs again in the future.

Steak Lunch At Boston Pizza

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As usual our Fridays had us at our new favorite place Boston Pizza – but this time I wanted something different.  But the kids of course had food from the kid’s menu and this Friday we had another kid with us – our neighbor’s kid – Jill.  Chloe had chicken fingers – and this time she didn’t complained that it was spicy – the last few previous times,  she had complained that it was too spicy for her to stomach.

Jill had pizza with fries

A close up of the chicken fingers

My girlfriend had Jambalaya of course – our favorite

And I had the NY steak with salad.  The steak was pretty good – and i did like it but I think I still prefer my pasta.

Business Lunch With Attorney

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There are many places in town where you can bring someone for a business lunch, just like when I had lunch with some powerful  San Diego Employment Attorney  last week.   If you’ve worked for a company in the States, you would know how important it is to know some powerful attorney because you want them to be there to help you out if you have trouble with your employers.

Of course, I didn’t need to use an attorney when my employers were from USA but it was good to know that I can count of these folks to help me out should I have any problems with my contract or pay or even if I was being treated unfairly being an Asian.  But like I said, I was pretty happy with the company that I had worked for many years ago.

Family Day’s Lunch On Sundays

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Sunday lunches are precious to me because I get to go out and eat with the spouse and even though he doesn’t like food as much as I, I still think that it’s a good idea to sit together and have a meal.  Chloe loves eating out although she only eats either fish and chips or nuggets and chips – limited selection for her because she is still so fussy.

But she is happy to eat with daddy once a week because she is after all a daddy’s girl.

PB had his favorite fish chowder – and even then I don’t think it’s much.

Jin Jin had a veggie pasta.

We shared a bruschetta together.

I had a lasagne – but I had wanted a seafood one but don’t like the creamy texture, so I settled for a regular lasagne.

We shared a peanut butter cheesecake together.  Of course I had coffee and Jin Jin had earl grey tea and PB had water – Chloe had apple juice.

Seafood Fettuccine @ Boston Pizza

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,Pasta,Seafood | Friday 21 December 2012 7:07 pm

We wanted to try something different at Boston Pizza this afternoon, so we both ordered half an order of Seafood Fettuccine even though we could have ordered the full order for $17.95 and then split it among ourselves.  The seafood fettuccine wasn’t bad at all but we prefer the jambalaya that we’ve been ordering thus far.  It didn’t have the umph that we were looking for – I guess we just loved our spicy too much.

Pizza Delight Buffet Lunch

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Fast Food,Food Review,My Musing,Pasta,Pizzas | Friday 9 November 2012 12:01 pm

So the boss had asked me to check out the buffet at Pizza Delight – so me and a good friend went today to check it out.  I was surprised that there was a table available at 12.15pm but it was quite crowded.  The waitress was really nice and attentive and she quickly seated us and started on the buffet immediately.  I had some potato salad, some ceasar salad and fettuccine and a piece of bacon bits bread I think.  The buffet didn’t have names of the dishes they were serving, so we were left guessing as to what we were eating.   The salad, fettuccine and the potato salad was nice and they still didn’t have Tabasco sauce even though I am sure I’m not the only customer asking for it because there was a customer who had left her own bottle at Pizza Delight for her own consumption.

My girlfriend had some lasagne, some green salad and cold pasta salad too.   The lasagne was so – so – I tried some myself and didn’t care too much for it.

This was the salad bar.

More on the salad bar.

Some rice or couscous ?

Bacon bits on bread

Pepperoni Pizza – I didn’t try those.

More pizza but I don’t know what kind they were.

Some meat pizza i think.

Some more pizza.  So there you have it – for $10.99 on weekdays – if you are not too fussy about food, they have a pretty good selection, as for me and my friend – I think we would go for the ala carte the next time.

Meeting Up With New & Old Friends

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Fast Food,Food Review,Friendship,Meet Up With,My Musing,Pasta,Pizzas | Wednesday 10 October 2012 8:29 pm

I love time with my friends and I have the tendency to invite even new friends to meet with old friends so that they all can be friends. So today I invited a new friend to meet up at Boston Pizza for lunch with some old friends and like usual, they hit it off and there we are all friends now.  My girlfriend order a sandwich this time – I can’t remembered what she ordered but she said it was good.

Next, this is from the kid’s menu – and Jasmine ordered Bugs n’ Cheese with alfredo sauce.

Chloe had the chicken fingers and so did our new friend – Rebekah – but she ordered the adult version of course.  Rebekah is such a nice young lady – I hope that when Chloe grows up, she will be like Rebekah.

Armeli our new friend from Peru ordered this classic nachos – very yummy looking.

And lynette had this for starters – the 3 cheese bread of course, her favorite.

Lynette made her own pasta – the penne baked with alfredo sauce and 3 meatballs – real italian meatballs.  She said it was pretty good too.

Me and another gal pal had a half order of the Jambalaya fettuccine – our current favorite now because it’s spicy.  Lunch was great – I wished we had more time we spent with each other but as usual, some are very busy running errands, so we had to go our own ways.  Next time, I’m going to tell the gals – at least a 3 hrs lunch. hahahah!

Home Made Vegetarian Lasagne

Posted by mamabok | Acadian,Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,Pasta | Monday 8 October 2012 9:47 pm

I do eat out alot as you can see but I do sometimes cook and experiment with other kind of food.  I found a recipe thru`a friend from here for a vegetarian lasagne and decided to try it out since I loved lasagne and I also loved mushrooms.  And I figured how hard can it be right?  Well, I pleased to inform you that the vegetarian lasagne turned out pretty good but it could have been better, I think I overcooked it therefore, I didn’t share it with anyone and luckily I didn’t cooked a big dish of it – I was smart.  The next time, I would try with lower temperature and shorter time.  I figured my stove was different from the friend, therefore, it turned out different, I would have loved for my lasagne to turn out more moist – what about you?

M & M Triple Cheese Ravioli

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Canadian,Pasta | Monday 13 February 2012 3:10 pm


Ravioli, Ravioli – I just loved Ravioli – who can resist them right?  I loved spinach ravioli – cheese ravioli and just about any kind of ravioli.  I even had a pasta machine to make ravioli when I was home in Singapore.  But now that I can get ravioli anytime, anywhere in Canada – there is no need to make the pasta yourself especially one that you can microwave for 10 minutes and ready to eat.


I love that the tomato based sauce are in cubes instead of mixed into the ravioli and then microwave it.  This i find that the ravioli doesn’t get all mushy.


Or you can heat them up in a pot and then serve with garlic bread and tabasco sauce – super awesome and you can serve this when you have a friend over too – they would think you are an awesome chef  – haha!

Boston Pizza In Halifax

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Located at Duke and Granville Street in Downtown Halifax – Boston Pizza wasn’t our first choice to eat but Chloe wasn’t feeling so good at that time when we were in the city – so we decided to just take a quick bite.   It was very near to the hotel we were staying at – The Westin at South End and I have to say the service was very good – the waitress was very nice.  We were out getting  Christmas invitations for Christmas – in downtown when it started to drizzle – so we decided to go into Boston Pizza for a meal and also to get out of the rain.


Chloe wasn’t up to eating the fish nor the french fries that was how we knew she wasn’t feeling good at all.  Poor kid – but she was kept occupied with the new Christmas invitations that we had bought from a gift store earlier in the afternoon while we were out shopping.


I had a bowl of french onion soup with some french loaf  – the onion soup was good.


PB had fish and chips – as you can see – it was a very small portion but good enough for PB as he doesn’t eat a lot.  Overall, our experience at Boston Pizza was good.  No fault of theirs that our kid was sick but they did try to make it as pleasant as possible for Chloe.  It was a bit chilly where we sat – the air-con was blowing directly on top of our head – so it was not so good for Chloe.   After a quick meal – we packed up all our Christmas invitations – and bolted out into the night – and quickly into the car and got back to the hotel.   Maybe, the next time when we are up in Halifax, we will give Boston Pizza another try.

Supper With Friends

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Canadian,Food Review,Friendship,Pasta,Western | Tuesday 19 July 2011 7:34 pm


A few weeks ago – my buddy Lynette and her son joined Chloe and I for supper at Peg’s family restaurant.  Lynette had been to Peg’s before but not Josh – so we decided to head for Peg’s instead of our usual Chinese rendezvous .  Josh had fish and chips – look at how huge the fish were.


Lynette had the chicken cordon bleu – the dish that PB eat all the time when he is at Peg’s.


Our meal started with soup first – I had a bowl but not Lynette – she was too hungry and dived into the main dish first.


I had spaghetti with spicy sausages because I wanted pasta.


Chloe had her usual children’s meal of pan fried fish and chips and ice cream of course.


Lynette had fried ice cream for dessert – but I was too full to eat another bite.


Meet Lynette and shiny Josh – chloe’s best friend.


Chloe eating her ice cream – look how red she is – out in the sun all day.


And this is the fried ice cream – I’ve often wonder how they do it –  and I found out from a Mexican restaurant owner from San Francisco – that the trick is to freeze it a few times while doing all the coating on it.   Did you know that they used cornflakes to coat the ice cream?   frying the ice cream takes only 30 seconds or 1 min at the most.  Very yummy  – fried ice cream!  try some – and they have it here – in Yarmouth – so those in Yarmouth – don’t forget to try it out.

Summer Fresh Salad

Posted by mamabok | Food Review,Pasta,Vegies,Western | Wednesday 15 June 2011 1:01 pm


Summer fresh pasta Cesar salad is currently one of my favorite kind of salad – it’s rich – you can have it by itself – with just a little meat or you can have it as a side.   This box of salad can be bought at M & M’s meat market or now you can buy smaller boxes of it – for half the price at Sobeys.   So I don’t have to worry about buying such a huge box and wasting it.   The bigger boxes are like $8 and the smaller boxes for $4.   They now have the Phat Thai salad too – the summer fresh brand is not new – in fact I’ve been eating their bruschetta with toasted fresh bread for a long time now.   So try it out if you see them – you will love it like i do.


Rich and creamy.

Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals Season 2 Ep 12

Posted by mamabok | Cooking Shows,Pasta,Western | Saturday 21 May 2011 2:15 pm

Did you missed Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals lately?  I bet you did – well – I leave you with Episode 12 – making summer pasta – which is a great meal – since summer is right around the corner, some herbie salad and drop tartlets for dessert.   I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did – and if you tried out the meal – make sure you let me know and send me some pictures eh. But for those who loves chinese food in Hong Kong – check this out –  Neigborhood Gourmet out.

Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Pasta

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,Pasta | Friday 22 April 2011 1:16 pm


I do loved pasta a lot – before coming to Canada – but since coming to Canada – I don’t eat it as much as I would like – for both PB and Chloe doesn’t like pasta as much as I do.  But a month or so ago – my favorite restaurant – The Peg’s Family restaurant had this red pasta that I fell in loved with – so I sought it out at the local grocery store and found it.  It’s actually the sun dried tomato & basil pasta and it was really delicious – one can taste the basil quite strongly inside the pasta – so for those who doesn’t like basil – this is not for you.


This is how the box of sun dried tomato & pasta look.


After cooking it for 8 minutes since I liked it el dente – this is how it looks.


I cooked them with my usual chicken and mushrooms – lots of mushrooms – but the next time I’ve going to cook this with seafood – since both PB and chloe didn’t want much to do with my pasta – rather sad eh?  Oh well – more for me.

Italian Sausage With Pasta @ Peg’s

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Food Review,Pasta,The Brat,The Other Half,Western | Monday 4 April 2011 9:12 pm


There are some eateries that you can go again and again – without feeling tired of the food because they have such a wide range to choose from – from their menu and Peg’s family restaurant at downtown Yarmouth is one of them.  A few weeks ago, I tried their italian sausage with pasta – and it did not disappoint.  I was expecting a whole sausage – but the cut up sausages weren’t bad at all.  In fact I do like the bite size sausage better.  The pasta was sun dried tomato pasta and look at the broccoli – they were really freshed and cooked just right – not limpy.


Of course it came with a soup first and I had coffee, chloe had her usual fish and chips and PB had his chicken cordon bleu.  I’m the only one who is determined to eat everything in the menu.  But thus far – all their food has been pretty good.   The service was great – and we went there just in time before the crowd came in.   There were several tables that Sunday – but the waitress came back often to check if we needed anything else – which was definitely a nice touch.   The pasta was about $12.95 – pretty good price for so much food – and coffee was really cheap too.  So if you are in downtown Yarmouth, Nova Scotia – head over to Peg’s family restaurant – that serves good food at a decent price.

Chicken Spaghettis

Posted by mamabok | Pasta | Wednesday 11 August 2010 1:33 pm


I love my carbs! and when Lina said she rarely take rice no more – i’m put to shame coz’ i need my carbsssssssss…!!!  but i really try to be healthy – i put in the leanest chicken minced into my spaghetti sauce and have lots of mushrooms in it. Spaghettis are such easy meal to make but i only eat them once in a while because Chloe and PB doesn’t like it that much.  I love mine with some cheddar cheese and lots of tabasco sauce – can’t eat them with my tabasco sauce.    What about you?  how many of you love your pasta?  i prefer my red/tomato sauce then white creamy ones.

Spaghetti With Italian Meatballs

Posted by mamabok | Baking,Canadian,Food Review,Pasta,Western | Monday 26 July 2010 12:26 am


A few weeks ago – we had baked spaghetti supreme from Pizza Delight – this time – we wanted spaghetti too but with the italian meatball instead with extra mushrooms – because the brat didn’t wanna eat cheese.  They didn’t charge us any extras for the extra mushrooms and it was such an good meal – Chloe and I ate and still had some leftovers for the next day.


We paid like $8 for the take out meal – and it was really good – the sauce was rich and most importantly even chloe loved it.  Don’t be deceived by the small looking container because they were packed so full – it was like me eating for $3.50 and Chloe $2.00 portions with another $2.50 leftover for the next day.  As usual the service was quick and we were outta the restaurant within 15mins.

Spaghetti Supreme & Side Salad @ Pizza Delight Starrs Road

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Food Review,My Musing,Pasta,Useful Links,Useful Tips,Western | Tuesday 15 June 2010 10:05 pm


Guess where I had lunch a few weeks ago – yes, yes..! i’m back logged .. and you know the reason why.  Busy business and lots of work online.  But anyhow – I took pictures to show you what a lovely meal i had.  This was take out – and it only took 15mins for us to pick up our food – super fast and super efficient – the staff were .  They were ready – even before PB came back from picking up some   best prenatal multivitamin for his buddy’s wife.  Why?  our store near the pharmacy mah!


Remember the last time – we went for a sit down on a Sunday – and they didn’t have Tabasco sauce – therefore i didn’t order Spaghetti ?  yes – i’m horrid in that sense – need the burning sensation.  But yes I ordered a Spaghetti Supreme.  What is a Spaghetti supreme..??  It’s oven-baked spaghetti with meat sauce, mushrooms, Italian meatballs and our signature cheese blend.  Yummy or not..??


I ordered a side salad – a Caesar to go with my meal of course and it’s sinful – but absolutely hit the spot.   The side salad was only $2.99 and they did come with a piece of garlic bread – but i prefer the ones from Jessy’s – rich !   The meal cost less than 15 bucks and chloe and I had the ghettis and there were leftovers for another meal – so definitely value for money – huge portion of food and really quick too.



Jessy’s Pizza – Lasagna & Garlic Bread

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,Pasta,Useful Links | Monday 14 June 2010 1:14 pm


As usual, we debated on what to eat on a Saturday afternoon and admiring some contemporary sofas that my customer had brought a catalogue in for us to see.  Since Chloe was going to her grammie’s – we ended up having a late lunch as per usual – what’s new eh..?? when you run a busy business and work online as much as I do – you kinda gotta eat – when you have time.  So Jessy’s Pizza we picked for the day and we chose to try their lasagna – lunch didn’t take too long – i think only 15 mins after we ordered.  I walked over to pick the food because I haven’t been in before.  It was clean, bright and spacious – too bad i didn’t have my camera with me.


The staff were friendly and the lasagna came with a huge garlic bread that just came out from the oven – it had CHEESEEEEE on it..  yumss!!!   I liked it!!!  the picture i took of the lasagna didn’t do it justice – i really do look better than the picture i tell yer.


So PB and I had this for lunch and dinner.. and we had some left  – it was a lot of food for just $7.99 i think.  Definitely, definitely worth the money!!!  and yummy too!!!   The cheese was a lot and rich food!  i could eat this everyday if i was 20 yrs younger – but when you are my age – we just have to watch our cholesterol eh – but this was really good .. and you bet we are going to Jessy’s Pizza again.

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