More Lobsters

More lobsters for me this year but I asked for a little box because I already had a lot of lobsters of late.  But this time the Zhu’s made it spicy for me – knowing that I loved the chilli.  heheh!  thanks to Cory for the lobsters and the Zhu’s for cooking it.

A Lobster Feast For Birthday Kids

It was Grampie’s, Aunt Helena’s and Hyunjn’s birthday – on the same day too!  what a weird coincidence right?  so what we did?  we had a lobster feast for all of them – especially when they all do loved lobsters especially Hyunjin.  Here’s grampie cooking the lobsters now. In you go lobster! Grampie showing how … [Read more…]

Live Market Lobsters

I know you are envying me by now – and I’m envying myself too – live lobsters at $4.99 a pound???!!??  yes !  the fishermen gets only $3.50 a pound for their catches.  Almost seems so unfair I know when they are probably selling like $20 a pound overseas. But yes, these hard shell lobsters … [Read more…]

Free Lobsters

Cory a customer for a long time and now turned into a very good friend gave us some lobsters – and knowing that I don’t know how to cook them, the Chinese restaurant – on Main Street – New Century helped me to cook them.  So me and my sister from another mother – had … [Read more…]

Atlantic Smoked Salmon

I’ve always loved smoked salmon and since i didn’t have any for a long time now – and I saw a blogging friend Charmaine having these for breakfast one day – I decided to get some too.  Atlantic Smoked salmon are not expensive at all, in fact –  this package of smoked salmon only cost … [Read more…]

Wasabi Phil

Wasabi Phil has a store at the Farmer’s Market and I’m pleased to let you all know that sushi was much better this week – I think I can really enjoy his sushi from now on – if he continues this standard.  But it would be nice if Wasabi Phil had some ginger and sushi … [Read more…]