Kinder Eggs Hunting

I’m kinder eggs hunting for my g/f from Malaysia, she is looking for the Spiderman Surprise Eggs Marvel Kinder Bugs Bunny, Angry Birds, Marvel, The Avengers & Captain America.  So we’ve been looking everywhere for them in hope that we will find them before easter and mail it to her. As you can see the … [Read more…]

BKH Pork Jerky Review

Second time purchasing Pork jerky aka bak kwa from Vancouver – BKH and still very disappointed with it but this time more disappointed that they didn’t arrived on time even though I paid so much more for shipping.  They did reply during the first 2 queries but ignored me totally after I told them that … [Read more…]

Healthy Snack Bites

Yes, healthy snack bites you can send along with your spouse when they are working outdoors with their welding helmet or in the woods.  Especially for those who are diabetic like myself – this is definitely a great healthy snack bite – cheap, low calories, tasty and definitely very low sugar.   This was new at … [Read more…]


For those of us from Asia – cuttlefish snacks are not strange at all – in fact we loved it with a passion.  We eat it when we watch a movie – we eat it when we are at the beach – we eat it just because.  I loved cuttlefish snacks and these are courtesy … [Read more…]

Snack Attack

Christmas come early?  hehe!  no silly – it’s just me doing my christmas gift preview because if you know me – you will know what a procrastinator i can be and get – ask Lina – if you don’t believe me – our maple syrup is still here in Canada and not sent.  So whenever … [Read more…]


We don’t have a Dunkin Donuts, we don’t have a Krispy Kreme nor do we have a famous donuts from LA or J. Co Donuts from Kuala Lumpur or Big Apple Donuts or The Famous Berry Donut Van in Sydney or a Paris Baguette in Korea or Donut Cafe in Shinbuya BUTTTTTT!!!  we do have … [Read more…]

A Diabetic Snack

Who said diabetics cannot have Macdonalds…??? did you know that it is ok.. to eat an apple pie..  but not too much pecan pie..??  Pecan Pie has more sugar in them. .than apple pie.. and that’s the reason for it.   When we were on vacation, I had to make do with a lot of things.. … [Read more…]

Mexican Calzone

In different parts of Canada.. you can actually get different kinda food.. but not very much here in my small town.  I wanted to try this for a long time.. this is Mexican Calzone .. but I donch like a lot of pastries and the “ang moh” and lil’ brat donch like spicy stuff ..  … [Read more…]


One of the things i missed most from Margaret Drive Hawker Center on the corner of the 2nd floor is the Gyoza there.  Dipped them in vinegar and lots of ginger.. this store i never fail to go … whenever i get home from a trip.. and to meet up with some old friends.  The … [Read more…]


I used to love the quiches from the Old Marco Polo Hotel in Singapore.  The bakery there is the best ever – and yes.. i used to work there.. some like 25 yrs ago. Like everyone .. I started from the bottom.. after coming back from Glasgow. The Quiche here is pretty good.. but it … [Read more…]

Easter Cookies

Easter is just round the corner and if you are like myself and have no baking skill or rather .. very little .. and have loads of friends in the West, well you head to Williams Sonoma and order some and wish them Happy Easter.    Pretty right..?  For those who loves baking.. i bet this … [Read more…]