Lunching With Girlfriends

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Lunching with my girlfriends from the city can be a very interesting afternoon.  We meet once a month in the city or in town for lunch and we talk about everything from work to politics and even  creditor rights  as some of my girlfriends are entrepreneurs in the city.  I’ve always come back from lunching with these girls with new knowledge about what is going on around the world because they are so up to date with everything.  I ordered the greek pizza but had actually craved for the tuscan pizza but ordered wrongly but of well.


Boston Pizza has this lunch special for a full plate of Jambalaya for only $11 for lunch, so I highly recommended this to my girlfriend from the city but she found it a little bit too spicy for her.

My lawyer g/f from the city ordered a salad.

And another g/f who works as a financial controller in the city ordered some calamari.  We had a really good lunch – a 2 hrs lunch and went somewhere else for dessert after lunch.  We really have a good time together even though it sometimes takes a long time to get together.

A Little Bit Country At The Farmer’s Market

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So there was a little bit of country and a little bit of rock and roll at the local Farmer’s market this weekend.  We enjoyed all the songs played by our local talent with her classical  Ovation guitar and lots of St Patrick’s day fun as well for kids.  They decorated their marshmallow leprechauns and there were the usual vendors at the market.

Chloe and I enjoy the singing so much every time we go to the Farmer’s market, it is our highlight of the day when we visit the Farmer’s market.  We love all the organic food as well  of course but the music definitely makes the Farmer’s market a lot livelier and enjoyable.

Dining With Live Music

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Last year, PB and I were invited to join some food bloggers at a winery in Florida.  Dining with music at the winery was an amazing experience and most of our meals were taken care of by our host.  We not only got to tour the vineyard and tasted many different wines produced and bottled at the winery, we also enjoyed the many entertainment provided by the winery.

I have to say that I enjoyed the live music a lot and the  sonor snare drum from musicians friend  was something that I had tempted to bring home with me because I had enjoyed the drums so much.  This year, we have been invited by another vineyard to visit during the summer, I am hoping to bring along a girlfriend instead of PB since PB isn’t into the wine as much.  I believed that the entertainment would be just as good this year too, so I’m really looking forward to going. Nothing pleases me more than dining with music and a good wine.

Hunting Season

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Hunting season is not here yet but I do miss the deer meat, lucky for me, we have some frozen ones from the father-in-law who does hunt once a year. But with a  Scouting Camera  I think he has more fun just camping out and doing the man thing than shooting those deers for their meat.  Hunting is such a big part of Canada and you see people taking time off from work just to go hunting.

How does the deer meat taste?  pretty good actually and if you know how to prepare it, it is really very delicious.  I used to have deer meat stir fried but now that I’m in Canada, the father in law loves making them like steak.  I remember him trying to trick me into eating it but little did he know that I’ve always eaten deer meet in Asia.  So if I miss my deer meat, I know where to get my fix.

Guitar Tuner For Birthday Boy

Posted by mamabok | Cakes/Desserts,Canadian,Entertainment,My Musing,Shopping,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Wednesday 29 January 2014 9:03 pm

Celebrating the best friend’s birthday in the city was pretty awesome last week.  Besides the birthday cake that was baked for him from home, we also got him a  ibanez effects  for his birthday and had a wonderful meal in the city.  The best friend is PB’s childhood friend who had moved to the city with his family a few years ago.  Every year we try to go up to the city to celebrate with him and his family.  Unfortunately, they are camera shy but being in the big 40, I had to note it down on my blog to remember this day.

Good friends are hard to come by, PB has a few from when he was a kid but some who are still living in town are way too busy to even keep in contact, while others who are away are the ones who kept in touch.  We love all our friends and we try our best to be there for them anytime they need us.  And of course, not forgetting to get them a good birthday gift.  This friend loves playing his guitar and is a music fan, so a guitar tuner was an appropriate gift.

Trombone Music & Dinner

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So you must be curious as to what trombone music has to do with my dinner.  Well, i was invited to a friend’s place for dinner one night and she had asked if I could bring the  trombone slide lubricants  that i had ordered for her kid online.  So before dinner, her kid played the trombone and showed me how much better the trombone was working after using the slide lubricants.  And believe me – I didn’t think that trombone can make such good music, I was really impressed and in awe.  Check out an example below and tell me you are not impressed with it.  But yes, i had an awesome dinner and some red bean soup with sesame glutinous rice balls for dessert.

Weddings In The Spring Time

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Last year during spring time, PB & I attended a spring wedding of an old college friend.  And soon they are celebrating their first anniversary together and the birth of a new born baby as well.   The wedding was in North Carolina and  this website  was where they went for all their wedding music and entertainment.   The wedding was lovely, the music was great, the food was fantastic, everything just went so perfectly well.

We were invited again this year, to come visit them when the baby is born and since North Carolina’s weather is way better than ours here during Spring time, we might just leave for a week to visit them and take a break.   The old friend of ours has a huge cottage in NC and we can make use of the cottage while we are there.  But we are still contemplating if we can make it this Spring, maybe late Spring would be a better idea.   Spring weddings are lovely but Spring babies brings so much joy to everyone.

Gift Exchange & A Post Christmas Lunch

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I’m grateful for awesome people that surrounds my life and every Christmas, we have Christmas lunches with several people who’ve touched my life and those in the family. This Christmas as mentioned we wanted to give more than receive, so we had bought gifts that are a little bit more than our usual budget.   So during one of these Christmas lunches, I handed  these pearl necklaces  as Christmas gifts to all these wonderful people who’ve made my life an awesome one.  And what did we have for lunch?

Lobsters !!! of course!!  Thanks to my awesome advertisers – these meals were all paid by them!  what more can a girl ask right?  You would be surprised how much free food I get with my job, but I’m truly blessed because the advertisers just loved my blog !

Rocking Music @ Local Restaurant

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Entertainment,Food Review,My Musing,Shopping,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Wednesday 4 December 2013 2:39 pm

We had a birthday celebration to attend last week and a local restaurant had hosted the event for us.  We were very impressed with everything and the  subwoofer at musicians friend  that they had bought.   I’ve always loved good music at a restaurant when we are entertaining and this local restaurant definitely went beyond and above their call of duty to help us make the birthday of a young man really special.   Food was great a well of course and the prices were decent and most importantly we all had a good time.

On Air With Local Radio Station

Posted by mamabok | Food Review,FoodBuzz,My Musing,Shopping,The Other Half,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Friday 8 November 2013 8:16 pm

I was interviewed by the local radio station back home about my food blog last week.  Indeed, I am really honored to be asked to go on a live show.  But it was during the wee hours in the morning over here because we have a 12 hrs time difference.   This is not the first live interview I’ve done since coming to Canada with our local station, so I’m very prepared for it.   With my USB Microphone, a  blue yeti pro , they called me on Skype and basically asked me a few questions about my life here in Canada and also about the food that I eat here and the restaurants here.

Yes, my readers come from all over the world but mostly from Asia and USA and I’m very happy to share with them about my life here in this small town and what people can expect in terms of food and living here.  When I first started this food blog, I never thought that it would reach so far and become so popular with more than 10, 000 fans on my blog a day.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to share about not only food but the education, the climate, and the living in Canada experiences.  Since it was a live show, I cannot share the link with you here but the next time, I might  give you a heads up, so you can hear what the interview was all about.

Good Food & Good Music

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The Yarmouth Pub down on Water Street is the latest addition to our downtown eatery.  Situated near the waterfront, not too far from Rudder, you can missed it.  The Yarmouth Pub serves food on the first storey of the building and the pub is in the basement.  Good music playing at the pub as we walked up the dining area and I noticed the exact same model of a  cool gemini gvx-sub15p at guitar center  at the pub.

The dining area was nicely furnished and the waitress came immediately to offer us drinks and menu.  The mood was casual and it was warm upstairs on a cool rainy day.

I had ordered the steak because it was so cheap – and done just right!  I loved it !  I had mine with baked potatoes and I was stuffed.

My g/f had fish – haddock baked. It was special of the day and it was less than $10 I think.

It came with a salad and we both had hot lemon tea.  The bill came up to $30 + dollars – and food came promptly.  I would definitely go back and would go to the pub next time for good music and drinks.

Hauling Food From City

We were up in the city a few weeks ago, to haul some food home with some friends and this is but one of the many boxes that we hauled home.  So PB said maybe he should look at some  flatbed trailers  , so that the next time we need to haul food home from the city, we don’t need to bring another car with us.   Plus a flatbed trailer is great when we need to move furniture from home to the cottage, it would definitely be a great investment for us.

But coming back to all the food we hauled back from the city.  Some friends laughed and joked about opening a Asian grocery store here but there isn’t enough Asians in this area for me to do that.  Therefore, every couple of months, you see us going to Halifax and bringing all kinds of ingredient and paste home, even the noodles that I am used to back home, we can’t find them locally.  I bought luncheon meat, noodles, paste, drinks from home and candies from home and anything I cannot find here even soya sauce.  So yes, having a trailer may definitely work better for us instead of making the g/f  bring her SUV with us.

Dinner & Live Music

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Dinner and live music at our local restaurant is a must to go when you have friends visiting from away.  I did attend one that had  violins at musicians friend  but this singer and songwriter is what we planned to do with some friends from Australia.  I don’t know about other people but I’ve always loved live music and performances when I’m eating on a special occasion, I find it so entertaining and romantic.  Now does one tip the performer/s?  I’ve always wondered, I guess if you had a violin player playing right in front of your table, it’s a must to tip him/her but if the singer is performing – what does one do?  I have to check with the restaurant owners and see what is the common practice here.  Have you been to a live performance?  do you like them?  i love being serenaded while one is eating what about you?

Shopping & Eating Day

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Marking days are great days for spending time with Chloe and my girlfriends – and on days like these – I’m missing my girlfriend and her daughter – Layla who’ve left for Ottawa.  I wanted to get a cheap schecter hellraiser c-1 at guitar center  for PB but wanted to check out the stores locally to see if I can get something similar here but alas, no such luck. So I’m ordering them for him instead and of course, eating at a new place with my kid was in the itinerary for the day.

We settled for the Bread and Olive Cafe – as we haven’t been there before since they opened last year.  I had a cup of tea while Chloe had an ice tea as it was a very hot and humid day.

We both ordered quiches but different kind – one was chicken.

And the other was salmon, we preferred the chicken.

Of course, we had dessert – that we shared and in the meantime, I  was surfing the net – and ordering the guitar for PB. We had a wonderful meal – although expensive – but the service was really good.

The Coffee Addict

Posted by mamabok | Coffee/Tea/Hot,Drinks,My Musing,Organic,Shopping,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Tuesday 25 June 2013 9:37 pm

I love coffee and have to have at least a cup a day if not more.  I try to limit myself to maximum two cups and I’m quite fussy with the type of coffee I drink and where I drink my coffee.  There isn’t any designer coffee in town but we do have a specialty store that just opened up recently.  Unfortunately, their coffee still needs a little work.  I don’t expect designer coffee like we have back home but the coffee I had didn’t have enough kick to it and also they are usually plain old coffee.

I currently brew my own coffee and I find that the coffee that I’m using is by far the best and cheapest as compared to what I get in this specialty store and Tim Horton.  If you want to try some folgers coffee click here  , this is what I’m currently into and i loved the taste of it.  They have the classic roast or the Colombian ones which are a lot stronger.  They also have decaf, if you are into decaf.  At one time, I roasted my own coffee but buying them here is a lot easier I find and they taste just like the ones I’m used to back home.  So coffee addicts/lovers out there can give this a try.

Healthy Eating With Yoga

Posted by mamabok | Health,My Musing,Shopping,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Monday 17 June 2013 9:14 pm

Summer is here and I’ve put on some weight from not exercising a lot.  I make excuses in the winter – telling myself that it’s too cold to do anything but there is no excuse just to do yoga right?  So this summer I’m going to be doing yoga and getting some  yoga gear for women  was easy.  I’ve ordered my yoga pants, yoga mat and even got a kid’s yoga kit for my Chloe.

Yoga is good for a lot of things in our life, not only does it help with our health, it is actually quite therapeutic.  I find it so calming to practice yoga, these days – I don’t feel so stress.  I hope by practicing yoga 3 times a week, I will eventually stop taking my panic medication because I’ve heard good results from people like myself who are on meds.  One can definitely look forward to a healthier year.

Day Trip To Digby, NS

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The day had finally warmed up, so the some friends and I decided that we should take a day trip to visit another friend living in Digby.  We’ve always loved Digby, it’s such a wonderful town especially during the summer.  Lucky for me, I had on a ray ban original wayfarer  else the 1 hr drive would have been scotching on my eyes.

The first thing the kids did when we arrived in Digby was to take a picture of themselves and the scenery around time – look how sunny it was – even the kids had to squint their eyes here.  But the breeze was lovely, so it wasn’t that hot for us to walk around downtown Digby.

We loved how picturesque Digby is – everywhere you turn to around Digby gives you the sea, boats and the sun – on a good day.  So if you are thinking of going to Digby, go when the weather is good and bring along your sunglasses as well as sunscreen.

What a lovely day !  always loved to see boats of any  kind.  What about you?

And now some home made Cuban food from our lovely host – Tania from Cuba and Dave from Scotland.  Yummy looking salad, so beautifully dressed up – we don’t wanna mess it up.

Cuban beef – thinly sliced and very tender – flavorful.

Cuban rice with black beans.

And beet root, corn and broccoli salad made by Jackie from Peru.

And a lovely group picture before we left Digby with our host family.

BBQ Season

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So we had our first BBQ chicken, hotdog and beef patties this year and even though we didn’t have a regular BBQ pit set up yet, our friends had a make shift one with charcoal.  They had to use a  destaco  clamp to put the make shift BBQ together but they did a really good job. And since it was a charcoal BBQ we had to take turns to watch the fire in case it becomes too hot and burn the food.

I really think that there was a real difference in taste when it comes to charcoal BBQ and the gas type, you can taste the difference and the food seems to cook a lot faster.  I can’t wait to experiment more with the charcoal BBQ pit.  Hopefully, the weather will continue to stay warm – not too hot though – and not foggy that’s for sure.

Easter Supper And Easter Presents

Posted by mamabok | Canadian,Food Review,Health,My Musing,Shopping,The Brat,The Other Half,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Sunday 31 March 2013 10:17 pm

Easter has always been a family thing for us – but we focus more on the kids than ourselves but this year with my girlfriend around, she bought gifts not only for Chloe but for Aunt Helena and Grampie as well.  She is too sweet – but she found some  patagonia down sweater sale  and knows that the weather here can stay cold for a while longer, so she had to get it for them and of course chocolates for everyone.  Aunt Helena cooked this year since Grammie isn’t around with us this year, it’s at times like that that we missed her most.  No one talked about it but I’m sure they feel the same way as us.  Aunt Helena made a potato and egg salad just like what Grammie used to make for me, I almost cried.

We had lemon meringue and a chocolate cake for dessert with ice cream as well.  Cantaloupe were very good too – sweet.

BBQ Pork ribs were really good as well.

Asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots for veggies.

Rappie pie and mashed potatoes.

Baked Hawaiian ham.


And a game of pictionary to end the evening.  We had a really good time and lots to eat.

Shopping & Weekly Lunch

Posted by mamabok | Awesome,Friendship,Gadgets,Kitchen Gadgets,Meet Up With,My Musing,Shopping,Useful Links,Useful Tips | Monday 11 March 2013 10:23 pm

Shopping and weekly lunches are great with my girlfriends, we not only exchange gossips and play catch up – we also learned all the good buys around town and on the internet.  If I asked a girlfriend  where to buy tv brackets  they would have a few good suggestions for me and if I needed a good pair of ski pants, they would know where to find them if I cannot find them in town.  I loved our weekly lunches and shopping spree, it’s something I looked forward to every week and although not everyone can attend the lunch together, I know I can count on them for just about anything.  Don’t you just loved friends like that?  now if you haven’t planned for weekly lunches and shopping sessions with your girlfriends, make this year the start of a new social calendar, it’s really good for the health.

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