Day Trip To Digby, NS

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The day had finally warmed up, so the some friends and I decided that we should take a day trip to visit another friend living in Digby.  We’ve always loved Digby, it’s such a wonderful town especially during the summer.  Lucky for me, I had on a ray ban original wayfarer  else the 1 hr drive would have been scotching on my eyes.

The first thing the kids did when we arrived in Digby was to take a picture of themselves and the scenery around time – look how sunny it was – even the kids had to squint their eyes here.  But the breeze was lovely, so it wasn’t that hot for us to walk around downtown Digby.

We loved how picturesque Digby is – everywhere you turn to around Digby gives you the sea, boats and the sun – on a good day.  So if you are thinking of going to Digby, go when the weather is good and bring along your sunglasses as well as sunscreen.

What a lovely day !  always loved to see boats of any  kind.  What about you?

And now some home made Cuban food from our lovely host – Tania from Cuba and Dave from Scotland.  Yummy looking salad, so beautifully dressed up – we don’t wanna mess it up.

Cuban beef – thinly sliced and very tender – flavorful.

Cuban rice with black beans.

And beet root, corn and broccoli salad made by Jackie from Peru.

And a lovely group picture before we left Digby with our host family.

A Cigar Bar

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Sometime during Christmas, we went up to the city because we were invited to an opening of a cigar bar in the city.  As a food blogger with lots of following, you get perks like this – and even though I’m no cigar smoker, I loved buying cigars for my father-in-law and my ex-boss from Spain.  Yes, I still keep in touch with him because he was so good to me when I worked for him – those were the 2 best years of my life.   Anyhow, coming back to the cigar bar – they had a  cigar auction  and it was awesome because I bought some good stuff just in time for Christmas presents.

Cigar bars are very common back home – for those who loved the cigar and wants to have a drink and try different kind of cigars.  My previous bosses were club members of various cigar bars and they used to entertain there a lot.  I met some very interesting and intelligent business people at these clubs.  If you haven’t been to a cigar bar before, you should check it out sometime when you get a chance.

Party In Style

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We were invited to a Christmas party by a business acquaintance and it was not in town – but in the city.  We didn’t have any trouble getting there but I wished they had arranged for transport for us because we were not very familiar with that part of the city.  Anyhow, we made our own arrangements for transportation and even though it’s not quite like the  limo service tampa fl  , it was still pretty good.  I was all dressed up – for the party and didn’t want to be waiting for a cab – no way!  I wanted to party in style – the hotel rooms were paid for and so was the short air-flight that we took – but I don’t understand why they didn’t arrange for a limo for us – that baffles me really. After the party, there was no cab available to take us back to the hotel and once again, I wished a limo service was arranged, the next time we go for this kind of party, I’m going to make sure we have a limo service to and fro the party.

Breakfast At Cora’s

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Breakfast at Cora’s in Halifax rarely disappoints.  We went to the one located on Dresden Row next to Pete’s Frootique – you can’t missed it.  Cora served breakfast and lunch in this location only.  It was a late breakfast – about 11.30am actually when we arrived – we were on vacation – so no hurry. Chloe was with her favorite aunt.

I cannot remembered what this was called – but it certainly looked good.  This was Chloe’s aunt’s.

Chloe and PB shared a pancake – because this was only what she would eat.

PB’s breakfast – he’s easy to please.

And this was mine – I’m being very good – had lots of fruits and french toast – it was certainly yummy!

Chloe was all happy after breakfast – she had her energy back.

Cora’s kitchen

Sushi Nami

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We wanted Japanese of course during our trip up to Halifax and sushi nami we went – thinking that food would be quick but they were quite packed that night after the Christmas Parade and we weren’t expecting that.

Chloe and her favorite aunt playing with the iphone while waiting for our orders to be taken.

Some miso soup to start off the meal and green tea of course.

Agedashi tofu for me and Chloe’s aunt.

Sweet potato tempura for PB – but no more teriyaki chicken – they changed the menu.  Poor PB – those were the only 2 dishes he eats at any Japanese place.

The fusion sushi – the Royal Nami roll.

Chloe wasn’t going to eat any.

She ordered some udon with tempura chicken but they came so late – poor chloe she was starved and after taking a few bites – she didn’t want them because the udon was hard.  But the manager explained that udon were supposed to be this way – because they were “fresh”  but the waitress had already told us that they came pre-packed and pre-cooked – *sigh* and I’ve never tasted hard udon before.  Chloe didn’t eat it and neither did we.  I wasn’t happy with the explanation – but that’s alright – we won’t order any noodles for Chloe no more.

The tempura chicken was good but Chloe wasn’t eating it – so PB and I ate most of it.

We ordered some margaro sushi and sashimi  (forgotten to take pictures of the sashimi) because we were too engrossed with the manager on the discussion on the noodles.  But both the sushi and sashimi were good.

Chloe trying to be gung-ho with her noodles but she just couldn’t stomach it – I don’t blamed her – I tried the noodles myself – I wouldn’t eat it too.  Some $90 later – the kid didn’t get her meal – we had to go to macdonald’s to get her some french fries and mcbites.  This wasn’t a good trip for Chloe.

On Rainy Days

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On rainy days when you can do much, my friends and I would meet up for a bowl of hot creamy corn chowder downtown and then go find the  best sunless tanning spray  and fake our tan.  Afterall, it is the summer and one needs to get a tan right?  My friends and I are crazy about self tanning and if we really get get enough sun to get a good tan, we use the best sunless tanning spray and do it at home on our own – it’s pretty easy, let me tell you.  But yes, a bowl of soup is great on rainy days but if they had a beef soup or even a mushroom soup, that would be just as great.  Rainy days are for soup and tanning, so who said one can get a good tan when it rains right.

Breakfast @ McGinnis Landing Restaurant Moncton

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I know I’m more than a month late with some of the good food that we’ve eaten lately, but there is just so much that we’ve eaten of late – especially this summer.  But here it is – McGinnis Landing is situation in the hotel we stayed in during the cousin’s wedding in Moncton, the service was great, I feel that we didn’t tip them enough, the food was good – they had a good menu and of course the Sunday Brunch buffet is something they can brag about.  The whole family gathered there the morning after the wedding.  And these are my favorite people – Andrea, Troy and Aunt Renette.

Some more extended family, Guy, Simone, Lucy and Denise

The other Denise and Simone’s daughter.

My breakfast – of course, that wasn’t all i ate but the egg benedict was really good but a tat dry.

My breakfast from the day before, we arrived a day earlier to settle down.

Chloe’s breakfast from the day before too.

PB’s breakfast – to share with chloe.

Chloe’s waffle.

My favorite people in the entire world.

Aunt Carmen and Mario

All the aunts and Mario.

Aunt Mariette and her family.  We had a really good meal at Mcginnis Landing and I recommend it – we were so noisy, and they didn’t tell us to keep quiet and they were so good. The prices were fair too.

Another Visit To Sushi Nami

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After a long drive from Digby on our way to Moncton for the wedding last month, we stopped by for food at Sushi Nami.  And no, we didn’t eat only at Sushi Nami for our mini vacation, we ate at 2 different places besides Sushi Nami for we wanted to try something different.  But first back to this meal – Chloe had water straight away after our long drive.

I had some Japanese tea as usual.

And miso soup.

Agedashi tofu  – wished they had chawanmushi.

PB’s usual sweet potato tempura.

Some chicken yakitori.

Udon for chloe with deep fried chicken that were a wee bit spicy.

Udon wasn’t the greatest – we’ve had better.

Some Maguro sushi

Ebi sushi and some roe sushi.

And mango ice cream.   Food looks little but we were quite full after eating it.  The bill was a little more expensive than usual because I ordered single servings of sushi instead of their signature dishes. Our meal was great – but could have been better.

Vacation Eating

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We just got home from our vacation – we were up in New Brunswick but we also spent a few days in Halifax eating.  We met up with a few friends and they had trailer hitches for cars  to haul back some camping stuff they had bought from the city.  We decided on Wasabi House because it was already late when we arrived in Halifax the last day of our vacation – and Wasabi House had an after hours special  menu that offers quite a few good dishes at a discount.  Now if you pay cash – you get another 10% discount – ain’t that awesome now!

Wasabi House is pretty small – and the few of us – took up half the restaurant space – it was quite warm where I was sitting – because I was under the air-con – so the next time I’m going to remember to sit away from the air-con.  The service was good and so was the food but that would be another story for another day.  But we ate so much that night – I couldn’t eat breakfast the next day.  So if you are anywhere in the city – check out the new Japanese restaurant down on Quinpool.

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Christmas Parties


We’ve been invited to several Christmas parties this year and Chloe and PB baked some sugar cookies to bring to our hosts – we thought it would be a nice gesture since most of our friends have everything and insist that we don’t bring anything except ourselves.  We had to turn down some parties because we were afraid that the weather may not permit us to travel to and fro for the parties – plus in previous years we’ve seen many accidents on the highway – even when the snow wasn’t so bad – it’s the ice on the road that causes these accidents.   Of course,  medical help would be there when the need arises but why court trouble when you don’t have to right – so we only attend parties right in town and the time has to be right too – because of Chloe’s food – she is a fussy eater.

PB always insist that he is a careful driver – and I always remind him that it’s not him I’m worried about on the road – it’s those that are drinking during their parties or those who’ve ate too much – and falling asleep on the road.  You can never be too careful – so this Christmas season – for those who drink – don’t drive and if the weather is bad – don’t go out – because you may be a cautious driver – but the person riding down the highway – may not be – or the road conditions just may not be the best.  Be safe this Christmas and always have an emergency kit with you in the car and a number to call for Medical Emergency Assistance.

A Poolside BBQ

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This summer we feel so loved because we have been invited to many BBQs and poolside parties and for those who knows me – I love the BBQ and if you tell me there is a BBQ at your home – I’ll be the first to be there.  It’s always nice to have the pool for the kids but you all know that it can get quite chilly here – so most of our friends put in the raypak heat pump great for heating up pools and spa.  Some may think it’s an investment – but if you can be using your pool and spa during the winter – I think it’s a small price to pay.


Lots of non-alcoholic drinks were provided during the poolside bbq – so that the kids can enjoy them as well – and the kids loved to see colorful fruits in their drinks.


Besides the burger – we had other dishes like salad, cheese and finger sandwiches for the kids.


As you can see – we had lots of meat – chloe called it the meat galore – muahahha!


The kids were in loved with the jello.  The bbq lasted till late at night and we even got to take a dip in the evening – thanks to the heat pump – we weren’t freezing like most times.

Shrimp Wanton In Soup

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So you all know that I had spent a few days in the city – and like always bought a couple of boxes of Chinese food from the Asian grocery store up there.   I tried to look for more dim sum stuff – like the ones from Doll Dim Sum – because they are by far the freshest and the shrimp wanton did not disappoint either.


I had this for a midnight snack and wished i wasn’t too hungry and had put in some baby bok choy from Grampie – silly me – but it was good though and quite satisfying I’ll have to say.  Poor me right?  cannot get the real thing – so frozen ones also jadi lah!

Anna’s Homestyle Breakfast & Lunch

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Anna’s Grill or Homestyle Breakfast & Lunch was just round the corner where we were staying – the Delta Barrington – located at the corner of Duke and Hollis – you can missed this place even though it is a small cafe.   We’ve passed by this cafe twice and decided that it was time to stop in for breakfast as their prices were definitely reasonable.


Very simple, fresh and clean dress up for the cafe – you feel very nice about this place.


You can get your own coffee from the corner – coffee was pretty good.


I ordered a bagel with cream cheese – because I already had bacon and eggs the day before at Cora’s.  The bagel came toasted and it had lots of cream cheese in it – not bad at all.  But I wasn’t given a choice of what bagel I wanted – I’m wondering if they only had one type now.  But I was then too hungry – I just wanted food.


PB & Chloe had some pancakes of course – they don’t eat anything different.  Chloe had some orange juice and PB had water – while I had some coffee with my breakfast.


This was Chloe’s pancake.


Chloe pouring her own syrup now and don’t need us to do it for her – big girl.


And a fruit platter for all of us – what is breakfast without some fruits eh. anna9

They do have an extensive menu as you can see for lunch and breakfast – wished I had more days in Halifax – that way I can try out more things – never mind – the next trip eh.


This was our very happy and charming host, we definitely enjoyed our breakfast and recommend it to anyone heading to Halifax.

Burger King @ New Minas

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We dropped in at Burger King’s at New Minas on the way up to the city – because we don’t have a burger king here in town – so you know how it is right?  don’t have – so must go eat it whenever we can.  I do like the whopper – but this time I remember to only get the junior whopper.   Chloe had her kid’s meal of course – with some juice – as you can see here – she didn’t like eating her nuggets at all.


Chloe’s chicken nugget – and she only clued in that the nuggets are shaped like a crown during this trip and she wants to know why.  hahha!   As usual, she only had 2 pieces of nuggets – while other kids would have asked for more.


I had the junior whopper with onion rings while PB had french fries and shared the nuggets with chloe.


And since we had extra ketchup – she reminded me that we have to keep this for her uncle Richard’s camp but she wants to know if they were good till Christmas – since that was when she wanted to give them to her Uncle Richard – muahahhaah!!!  how thoughtful is she now.


A happy Chloe with french fries in her tummy and a toy of Bagukan from Burger King.


All ready to leave again for Halifax.

A Second Car For Our Food Trips To The City

Going on food trips to the city can be quite tricky!  why?  because we have a small car – ours is a Ford Focus.  We shouldn’t have changed our yellow Ford – we do regret it – but then we were leasing it and when the lease was up – we still had to pay $10K – so we opted a brand new car.  Anyhow, we need a bigger car for our food trips to the city – because the Chinese/Asian food alone fills up half the car or more.  But with a second car – we also need to get cheap car insurance, so that it will be worthwhile getting a second car.  This year we also bought a previously used truck – for the store – so yes!  a second car is kinda frivolous – therefore, the car insurance really gotta be cheap.  But without collision I think – it would be fine.   What do you think?  collision or no collision?

Sydney Farmers’ Market

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While it is getting colder here – in Sydney it is getting warmer and soon – there will be Farmer’s Market everywhere in Sydney.  How I know?  I lived in Sydney for about 8 months while overseeing a hotel get put together – a deluxe 5 star hotel right in CBD area – can you guess which one?   There is the Farmers Markets at the Entertainment Quarter, another one at Hawkesbury Harvest and Gourmet Food Market at Castle Hill and not forgetting the Eveleigh Christmas Farmers’ Market.  From free range eggs to Giant chocolate dipped strawberries and ham jam too!  The only thing about Sydney Farmers’ Market I wished they had were receipt printer because I buy so much – I forget how much i paid for stuff sometimes.  If they give out receipts that would be great and I’m sure I am not the only one thinking of it – because my g/fs all think the same way.   Some I know buy the whole month’s worth of food – if they can – hahah!  But which Farmers’ Market gives out receipt eh?   I don’t think I’ve seen one – have you?  wonder how they pay their taxes eh? hahah!

Arby’s @ Bedford Highway

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Yes! i’m still on the food we ate on our trip up to the city – Yes! we eat a lot hahahha!   and we always try and hit the Arby’s on our way back from the city – so after I bought some prenatal vitamin that a customer had asked me to get for her – we stopped by just there – afterall it was on the way back – the highway was wrong the corner.


They have a huge carpark at Arby’s – so you can always find a place to park.


Arby’s still had that special deal where you can order 6 things and only pay like $5 – so we ordered a roast beef and a ham sandwich with french fries and onion rings.


It was pretty good value for small eaters like us – the fries was of a good portion but not so much for the onion rings – but that’s alright lah – afterall, only $5  – what else do you want right – hahahah!


Chloe ate the french fries of course – and some ham from the ham sandwich but not the bun.  And I – I had sushi – hahahah!! that i had bought from Halifax Shopping Center Food Court – not the same as the previous one we went to for Sukiyaki.


And a mandatory daddy and daughter’s pose.  You know sometimes – i regret putting up personal pictures of PB & Chloe – why?  because when I write about food – it’s about enjoying the food and to introduce the different food I’ve tried and cooked.  But some people can be so ignorant and shallow – in this small town  (luckily for us – there are only a few – very few) – I almost feel bad for them – for behaving the way they did (like my dead grandmother would say – like an  uneducated loafer).   I write because I enjoy food – I write because I’m entitled to my opinion – if you don’t like what i write – too bad for you  –  see that “X” at the corner of this page – yes! that one – learn how to use it.  By the way – I have very low bullshit tolerance.

Sukiyaki @ Mic Mac Mall

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You all know that when we are up in the city – we try and get the kind of food we can get in this small town – this summer – we plan to make more trips not only to the city – but i look forward to our trip to Toronto as well.  Hopefully, we can get to meet not only family up in Toronto but friends too.  Kim, Jenn, Christie, Mrs Chan and PC – make sure you slot us into your summer plans and of course not forgetting to get my best friend some  best fat burning exercise for this winter.


We chose Sukiyaki because it is the kind of food that Chloe would eat – fried udon and I really wanted to eat Gyoza  – a japanese fried dumplings with vinegar


The fried udon came with chicken and the gyoza came with fried vegies – so a perfect but light lunch.


PB had some too – so it was 2 plates of food for 3 of us.  I missed food courts because back home they are cheap, fast and good.  I’m sure everyone from home will agree with me.


Even Chloe gave 2 thumbs up for the food at the food court.

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