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Wall aluminum plate

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Product name

Wall aluminum plate





Application site

Decoration of buildings, pedestrian overpasses, subway stations and internal / external walls; ceiling, hall, facade, wrapped column, grid structure, outdoor floating shed, special-shaped ceiling, etc.


Functions and features      

1. The aluminum plate on the wall is a conventional corner code type, which is flexible, convenient, fast, easy to maintain, and not easy to pollute. The surface coating has strong heat resistance, long-lasting color, good fire resistance and corrosion resistance.

2. The indoor and outdoor curtain wall panels adopt CNC bending and arc rolling forming, which can be processed into plane, arc surface, spherical surface and other complex shapes, meeting various modeling design requirements, beautiful and practical.

Environmental performance

?ISO:14001Environmental management system certification

Quality performance

  ?ISO:9001Quality management system certification

combustion performance

Class A (A2-sl,d0,t0)


GB 8624-2012 Classification of combustion performance of building materials and products

GB/T 23444-2009 Metal and metal composite ceiling panels

GB/T 20247-2006 Noise reduction coefficient (reverberation chamber method, E100)

Film Hardness

Standard ≥ Hb, test result 2H (test basis: GB / T 23444-2009, GB / T 9754-2007)

Gloss deviation

Test range of gloss (GB / T 1773.14-2008)

Impact resistance

Standard ≥ 4N. M, test results 4N. M (GB / T 23444-2009, GB / T 1732-1993)

Acid resistance

  No change (according to GB / T 23444-2009)

Alkali resistance

No change (according to GB / T 23444-2009)

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